How Hindus Make Money Taboos Untold hidden Stories and Facts.

How Hindus Make Lots of Money the Taboos Untold hidden Stories and Facts.

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Sun and Planets 
Human body

If you know and have read my profile well ,you probably have an easier understanding of how i came to knowledge about this things.

In the business world Hindus are the most organised clans and wealthy indiviuals per capita of anywhere.if those are even terms of wealth measurement.

Hoping in Unseen Substantiates Faith Fear so Not Death

Hoping in unseen substantiates faith Fear not death

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Faith is a substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
Once you believe and all things shall it be.
Twice by faith you walk to never fail.
Just like white Jesus is said or quoted faith like a mustard seed can move a mountain.. the basis of any human evolution is by believe and that is a cause of faith..

The Words of an Old Man Almost same as actions of a Ghetto Child

The words of an old man are almost the same as the actions of a ghetto child.
African old man

Its been a long time struggling with self-confidence and instant decisions. As a country man, I have been brought up on Knowledge and hard embedding that patience trust worthy fear of God and respect to people’s properties is the ultimate quality of mankind.

Do not mistake me for being a fool for that still remains and stands as main pillars of a true and just man by any measure.

How to Make a honest of fake Living in Kenya

From day one money is second from God when you are born.considering you are automatically a family member.
Dedicating a child is even taken to a few levels by women and some cultures by giving money offerings or making a child to Hold money to bring money lack in future life.

Blacks are too Greedy and they Strangle Black Employees in all Possible ways.

Black is too greedy blacks strangle employees

You can flag this and act like am evil but till we accept the reality we will not heal these wounds.
Being black was my first agony knowing am black is my second demeaning achievement.
But I lost myself when I knew what it means to be black in a black country led my black greed wolves who are our fathers moms sisters brothers and closest of family members ,even if it means black community family ,famous 'Nyumba Kumi".

The White Supremacists Plans for Crumbling Chinese Companies

The white supremacists plans to execution of crumbling Chinese companies.

The system that is white nationalist has not been born yesterday. It has been there setting American policies who to attack and who is good for them.
America was only found in element of surprise by China. China literally planned new frontiers overnight and executed all of the strategies concurrently in the morning and there was nothing the nationalist could do.

The Truth about Mankind Civilisation Division Religion and God

The truth about Mankind civilisation division religion and God.

The earth was for long one just as the story  of Pangea and the son Peleg and Joktan
In Genesis 10, two-thirds of the way through the genealogies of the post-Flood patriarchs, we read in verse 25:
To Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan.
The same phrase, ““for in his days the earth was divided”,” also appears in the repetition of this genealogical entry in 1 Chronicle 1:19.

The truth about human kind division started in the days of Noah's flood and his sons all the way to Abraham and the generations

What really Makes a Woman

Why God made women to love lies

The one main fact is because they feel the next place is always better and they can make the other place other than home more comfortable.

They never get old even in their brains they think they are young even though they say I am too old for that.
If you utilise that and always make them young the will love you.

If you have no woman friends this is what you do not know...
This also is ways of winning a woman’s s heart...
Women love lies... women love instant gratification...give them now and they follow you... if you want one to be truthful and mean... if you want many lie to them...

Women love people who tell them they can do it all alone ...but will be helped to do everything. 

People Like We

People like we.
I get hurting that there is too much unfair people.
I tell people not to expect such kindness as they do to others,yet again forget and expect favours from human kind.

Am not sure when was the last time i saw an act of kindness from actual people, for truly benefit of  solely me... and got me shocking my cousin( kwani (exclamation)what kind of friends do you have?)
I sat on those words and wondered to myself ,got even shy that i wouldn't answer, for it sounded like am truly lost...and because its true i actually do not have anyone i can depend on.

Consider Studying Digital Markets

Future online jobs when Robots take human out of jobs in 15yrs time and maybe into exile


Making a song with human vocals 50kUSd
Making movies Without sci-fi 1mUSD
Using public transport will attract a pay of 20usd for leaving cars at home.
Delivering speech to humans 500k USD
Writing a motivational book 2m USD

African Curses and Reversal Remedies

"Jah people have a heart of a lion I know, the wicked moves with satan."
Words of Shaba ranks a descendant of an African. Its true The best of the best in skills knowledge and wisdom were taken as slaves.
But there is one Big ommition the white man made, they left the Aged and the oldest, the sick who also definately had wisdom and skills …and also Women who carried the covenant food and supplied the armies…and alsothe children.
What really happened?

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