The FDA ,National Cancer Institute and US government Admits CANNABI Treats Diseases.'Marijuana' has recently become of great interest ,many stand to believe governments are aiding in hiding the truth ,research and publishing about uses and importance of Cannabis Plant.
A recent journal has even been banned and pulled down for publishing some of ITS extreme findings related to 'cure' of cancer .

Оn The Following EXPose we will Discuss

Wasi Wasi Ndio Akili.

Its that dream again.
Wasi Wasi Ndio Akili translates vaguely to 'Doubt and questioning is evidence of High Common Sense'

In Native *swahili it is very easy to express great ideas by a single saying. It is common believe that the old men referred to as *Wahenga did live long long ago and had all solutions to all life problems and that nothing came to them as a surprise.

How to Self Liberate From Fear Based Human Control Intelligence

Fear based control intelligence system

Many people who grew accustomed to white people superiority and machinery system have one thing in-common...
Fear .
Fear is in every circumstance faith food and school system.

List of Pastors Who are Evil Worshippers.

List of Kenyan Pastors who are Evil  worshipper .

While i state The names of pastors which you can scroll ahead and see i will take you through how the statement is valid.

What Many people do not understand and have been decieved is that the bible says do not make an IMAGE of GOD to worship,Yet the church makes a WHITE jesus image, who is [Son of god} and tells christian to use rosaries and other things but say that is not Idol Worship. 

BlackHoles and Parallel Universe Theory Testing

BlackHoles and parallel Universe 

And to prove i am human
“The great houndini escape from stray jacket trick cannot work if you are standing straight up but rather requires candidate upside down and must be hanging.

Black holes 🕳are described by scientists as eaters of universe they consume all energy from light ,dark ,stars to even the planets.

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