LOVE A MODEL - DONTEH (Official Music Video)

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Call him a first of Djahypes inner circle and the dancehall originals at hype before thery even heard reggae versions of whom i claim to bring.
He has his throne cut out and is not oin a box of lyrics.
He is that one man who will call out P**** in his lyrics and Ganja in the stage show.

Is is a master chef in the ingredients of patwa delivery. Has has worked with more producers than all kenya dancehall singers i know.
He has couple of songs and videos too.He will represent Kenya in the future ..when these cartels are dead or cannot contain the heat from the new blood of music attacking the kenya monoply of music.
He is the dancehall king...
unlike a mombasa based singer who have managed to build an image in controversy of redoing people songs in a dancehall refix style.

Donteh is Kenyas Charly blacks,and the next Koshens.
He is full of life and does not hide is stand of music matters .

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