Since I have the SPiritual Musical Seers all around me.

I would like to prepare you all for a musical Expose...please be ready i have been out and the spirit has spoken ...

I have seen that again

I have seen that again
HAVE YOU EVER HAD the experience that something happening had happened again,or you had witnessed it again?

I have been seeing events that are troubling my senses,even though mostly it lasts less than seconds ,sometimes it feels like why do i need to repeat that again.

I cant help it... sometimes is a bad thing other times its good moments...its a varied theme every time.

I tend to wonder why that would be... sometimes i tend to think maybe i have lived that same life else where the same way but many days hours or years ahead,
Some other times i tend to feel like maybe i am suppose to have hope that i am here to fix my own or other mistakes thats why i see things that seem past or ahead.

Or else  someone like me has taken me ahead of life or backwards.
Greater than that maybe i have events that trigger me to see the future ...

If Billionaires had all emotions They Would never be rich But Wealthy

To be human is to have emotions, to have utu is to be responsible for even people you do not know.

I still do no get it while you have 3 cars you are still struggling to make time for family..isn’t it time u asked yourself whether you are doing anything right?

I have been serving very wealthy people from 2 presidents and anyone under them to so many rich and wealthy businessmen... but i hardly or never served a responsible rich or wealthy man.

One disease i found is that people hate responsibility... rich people mostly think money makes everything right,that they do not even care you serving them OVERTIME OR WHEN ITS RAINING because I AM PAYING YOU,those same people do not spare time for their children play and fooling,around nor their wives nonsensical talk and gossip,about their friends and things that matter while those cheap talk are actually the foundation or learning and appreciating humanity.
While gossip and back chatting about people is labeled not YOUR BUSINESS... its actually the side of business that matters most ,because we get to consider what other humans are doing or not able to do,their weaknesses or abilities...their needs and provisions.

I found it funny and also dis-easily behavior that 90% of men are raised to know and learn how to make money but not to raise and bring up families and responsible people.

A very sick person is considered only one whose in doctors attention or requiring one...but i tell you that is only unenabled  person not sick. Those rich people dire and tire to provide everything monetary from 2 cars to the wife ,a car for every child ..a house assistant for every chores and a gardener or homestead caretaker for every field ,topped up by kitchens and bedrooms and mansions of desire JUST SO THAT THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE TO OTHER FAMILY DUTIES OF A MAN TO CHILDREN OR WIFE.

This is why wives who have everything find time and satisfaction to lure the gardener to take care of the sexual emotional and time needs because those people spend time with them listen to them and mostly are the people who know their lifestyles a lot.

Their children are ‘dropped’ those ends they so desire, whether school or weekends to friends and those who can drive themselves do ,wherever they can.

Its not hard for me to say man has become worse than a monkey.. THEY DO NOT WANT ANY RESPONSIBILITY JUST by device of, i am ‘looking’ for money to sponsor a happy and seamless life... 

Of those children who successfully make it through that life chapter ,their best out come is,fathers of money hunting and scavengers of evening plans to avoid home with wives who are “needy” and children whom require a father figure to joke around and fool around with just to measure what really is humane.

Children want to pretend falling just to see how parents respond to when in need.. this is how children learn about humanity... this us how children learn feelings of pain urgency to or of other persons or third person reaction and what or how to respond to a cry of need.

It is not shocking to city people when a president rich people or billionaires who does not understand poor people emotions or demolition of houses and death of children or loss of life in crisis,just because they were nit brought around an environment conducive to grow emotions.

By creation or evolving from stones monkeys or other planets,emotions just like education are inherited,taught learned,experienced and emphasized so that to develop that sense of responsibilities to what is human,HUMAN IS EMOTIONS, thus why people get shocked when they see animals behave like people and wonder where did an animal get humanity to save man or raise a child or care for a life.

 A video emerged of a Ugandan woman who falls in a open street side walk manhole 🕳 which was hid by storm water during a heavy downpour and next near is Round about where there is a two land cruiser ,a pickup and a bread delivery truck waiting for Green light.. shockingly the truck driver and turn boy dash out quickly to try save the sinking woman but the wealthy people could not come out on a drizzle to save a life.
The woman disappears into the street manhole into the sewerage under pass and then the traffic camera capture the rich men drive off like actually just happened.


We just do not leave behind our corpses not the sick,we do not walk out like nothing matters when others are in need.. we are not like migrating Serengeti beasts which run off when crocodiles and lions are eating and killing their families by thy side.

This is the cure of all weakedness of life... whether from ghetto to uptown or rich to poor. Old or young holy or not,TEACH PEOPLE EMOTIONS.

Quantum reality of poverty OR riches luck and bad luck.

Quantum reality of poverty and riches luck and bad luck.

In science  of physics subatomic particles have ability to appear and disappear move in all directions at the same time.. cut through tunneling shortcuts and even follow nature of flow or vibration. 

In real life many traditions and heritage have it that if you keep on calling on certain things long enough they actually happen...  

This is a theory and design all over and generally accepted to refuse but somehow  without any evidence or factual expression taught over and over to new generations...

They say with myths there is always a fact of the joke and a distorted lie to improve delivery in the whole theory of repetition.

It is unaccepted truth that when bad luck hits your door it hits thrive and when good luck comes it is a hundred fold.

How could these be... how could something sinister follow three brothers doing so much harm while at the same time a good outcome gets followed triplicate.

Could there be a way in natural selection or is it just deception to explain events.

Perhaps it is very easy to say words to explain abnormal events and confuse results to deter repetition.

I have finally come a close fee facts that explain poverty to certain people and riches to certain people ...but how about the middle class which seem to turn abnormal bad luck to good luck and great good into bad?

Could there be a way  to explain these transformations? Is it because they actually crack secrets of quantum science even in unfavourable situations and the reverse happening also?

What is the meaning of the saying poor getting poorer and rich getting richer?
It could seem to me there must be a systemic design that good outcome will favor other good outcomes because quantum is a process of shortest way to perfection whether in logical or non logical path following  production of results.

For that reason since energy is never created nor destroyed and for every matter there is anti matter it seems logically possible to say this is the reason by nature poverty hits same house twice than luck.

Mastering the energy of controlling good luck seems impossible to a wounded individual... but turning back the hands of time it seems it is actually the simplest mathematics that alters destiny... that
If a poor man accepts to be used by rich men in his intelligence to learn and acquire knowledge and skills of gathering wealth is easy much easier than a rich mans son starting up a new idea to make wealth from scratch...

It makes perfect sense that also it is true that  if a Rich man steps down to dance around poor people more to entertain life balance his wealth is taken away easily than investing in bad businesses in a bad way.

It is a simple as a thankful child gets much more favors  from a parent  more than a better bright child who takes advantage of there better placement in a material world.

This is the science behind also the woman rule revolution that a weaker gender than should be un favorable in every outcome in a mans world seems to thrive greatly by actually manipulating and to precursor every situation a man falls short because it is an easier available option with a trend rather than a right way that seems impossible.

Yet so it is in quantum science impossible is a word not an outcome... anything can be if it favors the results when it seems unexplained or not sensible to apply.

Familiar quantum reality quotes 

If you cant beat them join them.
Play fool to catch wise.
Keep quiet walls have ears.
You can be anything you dream of.
Early bird catch fat worm.

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