"Healing,like Me '

Check out "Healing,like Me (dubstories)" by Ecspedition

Check out "Healing,like Me (dubstories)" by Ecspedition

⟴Song theme

Lovers rock mediocre

⟴Song build

Oldschool riddim sampling
channeling alternating vocals
BGV hook
Slow ska and easy slide rythm

⟴Tags and track build

Shaba ranks
champion lover riddim
deborah glasgow
oldschool riddims

These song is actually self consolation and not exactly a lovers rock thing.
the tag and first lsiten will slide you to breaking up couples or lonely partners. but when you play the song again it reveils itself to you that its about a person in a corner and in a thin place .

myabe you should actually name these track.

"Who am i,world's mistake"

 "Who am i,world's mistake"
Check out "Who am i,world's mistake" by Ecspedition

Consolation song

reggae build
rock guitar and drums

Record and mixing
Live song live  vocals

these is based on build of exit tracks or entry for movies and short films.\
Its is easily performed on stage and has large crowd listenership around rock reggae afro music and guitar players.
Also perfect for rock concerts .

"Knocking on Ma place"

Check out "Knocking on Ma place" by Ecspedition
Check out "Knocking on Ma place" 
 These is a listening song when doing chores sleeping or driving maybe even working in the office its an easy listening song a with cathy chorus repetitive one drop and keys.
the theme is inspired by times when we very low and would rather keep it calm wihtout struggling to know exactly everything happening around us.

The main attraction is the simplicity and clarity and relative flow of very familiar words that the brain intrepets even when doing complex tasks on the side.


these track i dedicate to those of the church,and all of us who believe prosperity is not just self satisfaction .

listen to it on link above
Salute to all of you mama earth.
support anyway you can it wont be long and i shall be with you all.

A day in a Vocalists life,

Its dawn again,and i am gonna have a late session tonight since its Saturday .I hate that these only happens on one day in a week,while i wish i could get it become my habitation or cocoon ,just me stuck in that place.

(support or reach the artist  )

But more than anything else i cannot bear the other most discouraging thought ,it takes money to keep studio time running.
Today than any other,  i have been dreaming about it longest and vividly of all past time,  because i have all my lyrics right and the track is really one of those i really wanna voiceand get official record.Since all my legends have a song in there, if fate is fair and true, i might share a stage with them and we shall sing back to back.
Or maybe these, will make me get discovered by a big producer or a record Label and my all musical life changes.

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How Boys Think (dubstories ecspedition)

these is what boys never tell girls 
young men cant say to young prom queens
old men say it but musicians cannot sing or write it.

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Who Am I,Worlds Mistake?

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