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!!!Mobile Devices!!!
i want to kick off on this things hey are past and future and i feel we need say things hardly said.

I have this peculiar side of a real kenyan i try devices and i settle say cheap.
And have tried a few fones i firstly owned a kabambe 950 perfect analogue fone.
And that was my relationship.

I came to a fake Chinese and advertised apps and services hardly were in it and if they were they never worked...

I later married a smadl who knows,it would slide and i loved the music player and fact that the slide hid buttons. That was it.

I later owned a samsung middle movements were touch that was like having a blackberry... the battery was disappointing and the network failed most times even when i move from Nairobi to mombasa for a few days at work.

I later Huawei fully  touch ,oh lord the the place is scattered and mis arranged... i mostly hated the battery and music player...
Poverty kept me there and i later acquired a second leg iphone 4
This was like seeing God.

Everything is in order and a place where its suppose to be.

It is easily tamper proof...and 2 yrs i was in love and decided i have a life partner . 
The mic is so good for music raw records .
They never hung or get virus. The arrange your music like a wardrope. And it is perfect.
They only get full too fast. Storage is poor.

I later upgraded to a 4s i feel even today i should have known and get stuck there it is perfect as a music lover caller and ringing like old telephone.
It also moves to new house with your collectibles if you wanna keep full old house and add new it never questions.

The memory is still poor. But it does everything the way i want.
When you are playing music...
It remembers everything you played and offers a select play now next or later and it also have keep playlist or forget and play current.
Its mic records sound like a studio.
I am collecting this gadgets ever since they are just too well setup.

I moved to a new residence 5s its cameras allow me to upgrade i can even do much better with panaromic and i love the video quality.
Mic is great and has a new feature screen record. It mimic me like me. And i love it.
I hate the music player it forgets everything excepts the playlists.

It keeps my music mostly in unknown or refuses to accept some of them.

I hate forgetting and my gadget copying me.
I doubt future gadgets will be better so i am keeping this one and the earlier 2.
 Lets see what happens.

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