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What About the People with Unmatched Destinies [ Full of Surprises ]

Small class of Should and want to be and never be (the unmatched life destinies)

By default ,alteration or by fate so many people are crying for a chance to be something they really feel is the only thing that would help them fulfill life’s purpose.

So many motherless children..a lot of childless moms millions of partner-less singles and so many more dreams to be deserve and never get a chance to do or be.
walking in the spirit i experience cries ,tears and frustration of real people who are trying to be something or somewhere many with valid and good reasons...but somehow something in nature cannot connect or let it be.

1...2...3...Twende! [ All Together at Once ]


All together at once... where is the spirit of oneNNESS ☝🏿.
We should  remember to call on to the power of oneness. I happen to  roam around and be among the people who make the small things happen.

And one of the weakness ,of the weakest links i have found  is in people who try move or do things together. Without leadership and call of  unity, people do not act or react uniformly together.

Pessimistic People more Valuable and have Better Ladders to Success [the Actual Meaning of Optimistic and Pessimistic People]

ecspedition,real, opt,piss
Pessimistic people more Valuable and have better ladders to success...
[the Actual Meaning of Optimistic and Pessimistic People]
there is a divergent created by business community and employers or rich peopl,they have a notion that if a word suits a worker it is mean for the employer and if the opposite reverse of the vague truth [a word does not suit behavior of bosses or employers its meant for employees or workers]

Whenever popular people or motivation speakers ,politicians and business minded talk or give speeches they like to talk in terms of

How does Resurrection Work to a Body Buried and Rotten [Science of wrapping mummifying dead bodies]

How does resurrection work to a body buried and rotten.
ecspedition [dead mummified bodies]

The one main thing keeping christians alive is hope that they will raise from dead like jesus.

But lets put it down clear if you buried jesus in soil like we do to all christians how are they suppose to raise after millions of degradation...  
this whole thing about New Testament and living again is written and designed. Jesus was wrapped in materials cloth and locked in a clean tomb put in a stone safely and locked inside so that even hyenas would not eat the body.

Enter MILITANT [second phase of 10 themes]

Enter MLITANT [second phase of 10 themes]
MIlitant mindeset
open vision.
Self realization.
free will
against tide.
review everything.

Secret to Staying Young and Optimistic [Modesty vs Celebretory attitude]

Modesty vs celebrity 
Secrets to remaining young and energetic 
Why some people remain young while old while others look older when not very old.

The secret is been here all along... whenever you 
How to keep skin moist and smooth naturally 
The simplest way to stay young without gym
Stop gymnastics get your body healthy for doing something you have always tried and were told not to do it,these same idea is modest in terms of how much you invest.
Why stressed people die young,and it is the reason doctors get sick as they get older.

Predictions and Savings against Shuffling System

giving each equal chance
We tier know the future Yet create SHUFFLE as means to fairness or honesty.

SHUFFLING is a man creation for perfect uncertainty.It is not vagueness of not wanting to know ,but an expression of love for random results.
Whether in music playlist or voting,whether betting or pooling ...shuffling makes everyone feel like they had a fair and equal chance..

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