Reasons Why You Should Avoid Internet and Social Media 'Challenge'.

Death of Privacy
The Newest way of appeal for mass action or Private Data collection.

Whether willingly or not the internet has your data someway,you may consider it or refuse it but if you know better you already nodded.
Number 1,as long as you have either any one of the following or in any combination of apps, WhatsApp,Telegram,TrueCaller,Uber,Facebook,Twitter,YouTube, your information is On the internet.

If you have neither but operate a Google account you are less risky to data breach but not non AI compromised.Those who might consider themselves safe have one more last compromise,Windows or Mac Computers with a kind of internet access.

The world is not a safe place anymore,the moment the telephone was invented,the village people call global, is worse than the ghetto or country side community child ,of whom everyone thinks they know,only to be surprised by it getting shot later that it was a gang of some kind .And then you will always be left mouth ajar,wondering what just hit you.

The New Age terrorism is not bombs nor or guns and knives,now they call them 'social challenge' and that's associated with gangs,governments,media,or data harvesters. Sometimes an innocent internet slay queen or floss kid may throw one here or there and go viral,but even that later gets overtaken and hijacked by hackers and people data miners.
Social Media 'Challenges'

The real reason for me referring to it as 'terror' is due to the kind of games people are tackling just to be trending at some California owned website.'Gun Pose' Strip Tease' Max Nudes' they even have "neck break' Knee Knock' and more dangerous like "stranger invasion'..If anyone of these passed by in silence then you heard "water bucket' also infamous 'Me then And Now' the photo comparison, also the 'Aging App..i can go on ,but there are other innocent ones that are popular with introverts...and these ones take over peoples attention in search of self claim to knowledge-ability  or the attention for seeming wise eg ... the "Best caption apps' Today in history generator apps' the Quote of the Day apps' Bible Verse of the day app' Best Comments' and many others,Each of those apps normally request permission to use your information and when allowed, that's when you sell your privacy for an equivalent of a days' Quote or memory verse.

Avoid these challenge at all times and generate self challenge which does not involve breach of self information or rather more private body or information.
Keep away from matching up to trends to look relevant.Find your own hobby and make it your daily challenge.
if you are too lazy to do yours,or on one to self...then you are already sucked in to the tube already getting washing in..or do they say Brain washed....

KEEP OFF 'CHALLENGE ' you can pick these one,its mine,you do trust me? oh don't you now!

Ecspedition Nominated for AfriMusic Song Contest for Africa Song Of The Year

                                   Ecspedition Nominated for AfriMusic Song Contest for Africa Song Of The Year

Greetings ,
One of my songs has been nominated for #AfricaSongOfTheYear
Kindly vote for me too and help spread the word. #Vote link...  #Notice First Round nominated for AFRICA SONG OF THE YEAR. I am asking help on voting to #NextRound as we all who have not familiarized with the song WHO AM I WORLD MISTAKE ...#Listen AfriMusic Song Contest

Who Am I, Worlds Mistake II Ecspedition [OFFICIAL LYRICS video]

InterView and OuterView with Ecspedition

What is music to you? What does it give you?
Ecspedition: Music to me is Soul vision.Music gives me x-ray of mans' spirit and also helps me have a voice as and for the orphans.
What is your music dream?
Ecspedition: When one person tells me they are living today because of what i portray and Stand for,then God in vocals and lyrics in my music are home.

What is ASMR? Why Everyone is Searching for SELF Healing and Relaxation.

What is ASMR?
ASMR trigger points
ASMR means:> and stands for [autonomous sensory meridian response]

What does it do?  activating [a kind of adrenaline rush]  body sensors triggers that make life beings respond to sense of self .

How is it activated? ASMR is and can be targeted to heal ,calm, trigger fear or scary feeling with intention of either finding self or responding to others actions or acting  as would another person ,so to say.

Does ASMR work on anyone? As long as your body is alive and non intoxicated or non numb ,yes it does.[but response time frequency and percentage depends with amounts of exposure to certain environments.
This is to mean ASMR to a doctor about disease is meaningless neither dead bodies or wounds. but heights eating and shocking may work,different professionals act different to certain circumstances depending to level of exposure .

How Microsoft Windows 10 is Hacking your Data Daily.

 Have you heard that many people are finding things they were talking about or friends appear as advertisements? Well this is true MICROSOFT has been COLLECTING your PC data AND all PC DIAGNOSTICS including PC HISTORY AND ALL BROWSER SETTINGS SEARCH AND CACHE PASSWORDS.

So you got that worry that your data is being stolen by hackers and governments Chinese hackers and many others you do not know.understand that this is microsoft using your PC camera and MIC to listen and record.They also use your laptop location data from the internet service provider and make it public to online marketers.

You need to know that ,No,No hacker is interested with peasants, no government cares about no one with nothing,The people who have been selling your data all along is MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10.
and all the previous.

This is so Wrong,What we are Doing.

This is so wrong,what we are doing.

How can be be so blind for so long,always doing things to surround the little of mean and smallest of important things.

“Gals de follow,” me and my money” feeling good”living my best life”minding my own business “ ,look at our lives all surrounded by things that are more vanity than vanity.


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