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Its time we address some issues of us about us ..

Oh Naija oh Ghana,oh Tz oh Zim is big.....

Mahoya Ma Andu Aku

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Mahoya ma andû aku

Orîngî Ngaî mûkûri nîtuoka gwaku
Gûtuîkania haa Jesu magûrûinî
Twînyihîtie twa twana nîundû
We nîwe fafa...

Why Men cant help be with Sex vendors

There is alot of argument going on that men are polygamous ..and this nature of them tends to push them to intermarry keep side chicks visit brothels or just marry more women ..ok i understand that some prefer a quick on service that would go along way without engagements and strings attached.But it is important to trouble shoot a problem to find where the problem actually starts.In my earlier discussions i have tried to cover phenomenons that instigate infidelity but today i will deeply show you the root cause and where it all started.It is prime we always start with the popular or on the fingertips knowlegde..These following is a few examples of people we all know very well.

1. Buju Banton says SHE is sweeter than his woman who he listens to nagging quick dashing 
But one verse talks about a different woman...
''do not judge because we will visit ''Luke 7:36-50'' Jesus feet getting cleaned  by a prostitute''

Ok now, to Buju sponge

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