How to Find any Song Not even in Google

I know we all, or most of us has a song  have never heard again or do not even know the name since you were either  young in ,a hurry or heard it on radio.
Well ,for those of us who believe are most advanced go to GOOGLE  and just type it down but can or cannot find it...take these scenario..
search for a song...
find it on Google or any other  browser .....
maybe its even on YOUTUBE .....

mostly these is a far as any one goes..
But you see the thing is your favorite song should be
,or as close as it can be to free

But Since that is not always the case, if you are IT or internet informed then ,when you hear a song you love anywhere ...You will be luckyand feel good of yourself if you have SHAZAM ... (by the way you should be installing it if not as you read) and find it.But that's the end.If you are do not have credit card its hard to get a song from shazam Itunes spotify etc.

For those who have iphones and go to ITUNES and maybe or not find the songs...(and i  these should be added as a way of looking for a song.) and the rest to AMAZON ,SONGTRA GOOGLEMUSIC , SPOTIFY AND MANY MORE ...

BUT I SUGGEST equip yourself with www.SOUNDCLOUD.COm  YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE,a greater tool for downloading and getting anysong easily without much hustle.

now for people like me,,,we have other ways of getting that song...

GOOGLE,open new TAB LINKS to all possible sites with the song,and most and not limited to include YOUTUBE...if by any chance that song is there go and get yourself SAVEFROM.NET YOUTUBE AND MILLIONS OF SITE DOWNLOADER.
With it You are also able to get high def videos on youtube and audio that is restricted.
The only other legal way and only applies to limited amount of songs is having youtube app on andriod or apple devices where you can  DOWNLOAD ,BOOKMARK ,OR SAVE ON MOBILE DEVICE on the youtube app where possible.
This gives you chance to store videos for 29days free renewable every new month when you are online.


install mobile device SHAZAM requires internet connectivity
GOOGLE always gives a an answer even a false one.
install mozilla and add SAVEFROM.NET link

And for HEAVENS sake get a usb or external hdd and store you data,,,, man mad systems collapse.

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