Live interview with ecspedition

Live interview with ecspedition  ,the musician
Today as we hosted him on out live blogger had these conversation.

How can you describe your personality? 
Ecspedition:I keep my word,i prefer quality no matter time, even if expensive.

Blogger ;What are your weaknesses?
Ecspedition;  ,i let nature take control when others would get away with usual conditions i take my time in has been a hinder to great productions but not a limitation .since its all we can do as compensation when no one is able to value a prospective  future worth in a current product.
What are your strengths?                                                                                                                     Ecspedition ;Stage performance,great choruses and hooks. Ability to gauge a valuable item person lyric instrumental...patience in human kind trust in nature.                                                                             Blogger ;Are you really talented?                                                                                               Ecspedition;I will let the time and people decide. What i am and have will not be available in me long but in reachable people will be forever.

Dubplate Culture

Dubplate session liveIt has come to the attention of music reviewers that most artists are dropiing music just for commercial attention .
now these is back to original music and ill let you judge for yoursleves
 infant sound dubplate

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