Research by Universities Proves Albino People Match DNA 🧬 with “the White people” Light “Pale”
Discovering the African Origin of White Man
Research by Richard Leakey and USA combined efforts with Europe universities proves Albino people match dna 🧬with  “the white people” light “pale”  .

Even though they have been around like the sun and water 💧,albino people are not clearly and openly admired let alone discussed ...yet they are the original parent of white skin or the pale people. Take for example:

Why the world does not need military without humanity and Public Relations Training.

Why the world does not need military without humanity and Public Relations Training.

The main trouble why people fear getting cross with the system is not because they cannot or they do not know how to do it...
But  because there is a rogue bullet or a few security forces who do not actually know the value of  human life ...they are blindly trained to maim ,kill get rough with citizens..
This is the reason some police and guards do not give a damn what happens to the public when they leave the camp and go to attack mode.

Africans Stop Copying African Business Rather Find Ideas

Africans so not like africans to be equals

Have you ever noticed a trend when someone by the street starts selling boiled eggs and seems to do well ten others copy and start doing the same?

That is African style of diminishing each other.THAT IS PURE JEALOUSY MANIFESTATION.

Life of Vocalist by Ecspedition

Life of a Vocalist by Ecspedition.
Life of a Vocalist

The Writer is a Vocalist,Ecspedition is a Singer,else referred to also as a singjay.
The genre of concentration is Reggae.Having grown up in a semi ghetto life upbringing after loss of the father in 1994 life took a hard turn from the easy way of possibility to reducing for today only.
Giving  me a chance to see people things and life in a different way,to value and to know God the True God.
By life being mean i got the best chance to be what i am,i would never regret any way an outcome became.
From a mere normal child to journey into Music...Godliness and Spirituality...A life of Rastafiri,,and expedition of Wabi Sabi the principle of each have guided me to be who i may appear to you today and in future.

Relics of Romance sponge

Relics of Romance sponge
[the poem]

She will love you just like she did yesterday 
He will need better than he got yester night.
She looks good in the glare of dusk lights
He sounds kind and un harmful every next veer.
They all almost, get everything they needed then,
She is never ashamed of their clients hand.


One of these fine days i heard someone i consider too cunning ,say LOYALTY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE 
But in nature and practise, it is hard to break the two because Loyalty is about being there in good and bad..and Sacrifice is doing everything and anything for good or the benefit of someone else .Friends! those ones leave and get new enemies
So it is always about someone else.

What is Better Citizenship and Poverty or a Refugee with Money and World Attention?

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What is better citizenship and poverty or refugee with money and world attention.

I cannot believe myself juggling and weighing on these as a person in a “state of calm”  ...
Yeah am literally speaking of self and the Kenyan state... here i am also thinking about Somalia Yemen Congo Iraq and etc.

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