Recruited Into The Popularity Cult part 1..

Recruited Into The Popularity Cult

Part 1...

This is a story and steps of how i was lured into joining a cult to make it in music... 

Back in 2012 i was doing music almost monthly a new song...come 2014 i was already getting very hopeful and encouraged by the small musical steps...

I have always believed in teams and also as self leader and mostly beating why cant i do it myself.most people who know me online when they meet me in person first time..they say ..”oh so you are the Karanja,”?and i say why? I have seen' Your work and push, keep it up”

This is possibly the same reason the cult salesmen were on my back knowing i was as hungry as the only other two souls i will be sharing their stories as the rest wished i did not disclose theirs nor names... but i will do it anyway hinting how it actually happens to each.

It was an evening after leaving my day as a security systems technician job,i was seated on the uncomfortable sofa set in my single room and my girlfriend then had just given birth.. few months ago,' notice the events'

I logged in to my Facebook and was going through my small funny mobile device while some certain food was being prepared... i looked at the notifications, replied to some comments in my very poor patois slang [jamaican] copy cat ,that i regret when i see facebook memories now,of back before 2015-2008 when i first joined facebook.

I remember Facebook used to have inbox in the same window and I switch to the inbox tab .there was the usual girls flirting and trying to keep my attention away from baby noise.

I saw a new inbox of a person i did not recognize immediately and could not remember accepting his friend request.The message said “ Hello Ecspedition ecsperience,we have seen your love for music and how much you are attentive.We would like to help you be come very great."

And that is the greatest message an upcoming vocalist or artist would love to read or hear all his musical life.

I really do not remember many memories that followed but i knew i was very happy.
But i thought i should not tell anyone but hold it a secret till the deal comes through and I Responded to the inbox...
"What can you do for me?"
I actually get shocked to see that kind of response because that shows how much excited and happy i was ,i forgot to say HELLO ,thankyou ,how are you?, who is you.

So few hours later waiting for a response my mind kicked back to a memory... I remembered seeing the persons profile and it was one of those profiles back then that had really few information and background,I remember going to the profile just to excite myself more by just confirming which record label would he be with! And thats what actually captures my curious attention to date any new requests i always do a background check..i always look for backgrounds and relevant information...but on these i was rather satisfied ..i even had self approvals saying maybe big labels do keep low profile to keep the spammers and traffic which would be unwanted...

It was around 9pm i think i went back online or i kept on checking whether there was a response,and yes,this time there was... “first before we go further i would like to see if you are serious and interested “
These guy really knew how to capture my attention...just hinting with small not really sensible crumbs, but guess i was really hungry and interested by any thing of that family coming my way.

I replied ,I am very serious ,what do you need to confirm?

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