Gikuyu Clans Totems and Symbols

as nature may have it i have come across some gikuyu clans totems

Anjiru -Elephant and all birds [SIZE AND PRACTISE]
Agaciku - Zebra [LOOK AND LOCATION]
Aceera - Thomson's gazelle (Thwara) [ACTION AND VISION]
Angari or Aithekahuno - The stomach of an animal [ FOOD AND IDENTITY]
Akiuru or Ambura or Ethaga - All wild animals [MARRIAGE AND INTERACTION]
Angeci or Aithirandu - Hippo[BODY AND ABILITY]
Airimu or Agathigia- Warthog [KNOWLEDGE AND INTELLECT]
Angui or Aithiegeni - Impala [SPEED AND WELCOME NATURE]
Aicakamuyu--NOT RECORDED.

The Anjiru Clan Totem  illustration.

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