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Ecspedition is Kenyan, born [1988,December 18th) Ezekiel Mwangi Karanja,
in the village of Bahati Nakuru county.The name ecspedition comes from expedition
which he gave himself with the intention of talking about his journies of adventure
in life reflected in the music that he was writing.Earlier his friends had named
him KJ ,later kJien Lorenzo a character in the merchant of venice love and poetry
set book in kenyan syllabus.

Who Am I? ,Worlds Mistake? The Poem

Who am i,worlds mistake
 (but i remain)
{The worlds mistake poem.}
[They Sleep in the Cold,they are Lonely,they Knock on car windows asking for a dollar,they sometimes only have water as a meal ,maybe glue they stick to their mouths to survive,Some are clean and do not have a chance,The Orphans of the world need our attention,I have been there...and i Sang these song as GOD almighty Allah ,Jah King ordered and directed me...this is for the children who have no chance in ,childrens homes,the streets and homeless ..out in the cold of nature and us humans...AND it is a chance for all of us to be PART of something an ORPHAN My Main SPonsors were EDUMED and ISCHED and now surrounded by people who care about children my Friend JOHN Data masters funds a children's home,,Dr Solomon Funds ISCHED school for Bright needy children,DR Charles Heads EDUMED fund for poor children ..My Producer Works with Save the Children...My Wife SPonsors Disabled Children's homes ..Let us Join and fix the future for them ...i am surrounded by people who care about children and i HAVE to return the blessings.]

Riddims download links 99

Teletubbies Aka Shes Got It Riddim - (1999) (Top Nail)

Klokwurk Tuesday, 9 February 2016 ,
Teletubbies Aka Shes Got It Riddim - (1999) (Top Nail)
14K - I'm Your Angel
Anthony B - Belly fi wi
HawkeyeAll a mi gal
Junior kelly -Teletubbies Riddim
Ricky general - Lezzi dat
Scare dem crew - Galong an gwan
Tony Curtis She Got It

Lessons from music industry as a Vocalist

Lessons of music as a vocalist.

If you ever try something new in studio and sounds different and difficult know thats what it takes to make  change ...and that is what that is different..

Ten thousand hours is when u actually make it

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Who Am I,Worlds Mistake?

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