"the desire to pursue accomplishments is driven by,, the need to satisfy and reach self actualization... but should not make you greedy,,unsocial or corrupt but the jealousy of admiring what has not been done best, With the aim of perfecting the same act. knowing the purpose of humankind is to correct the world... even when you cant correct yourself... because a physician cant ." -ECSPEDITION #Musician, everyone is #singing from in #inspiration,only me singing #leftoulyrics,my inspiration is from #Jah #mighty #God, #thanking him for #life , #praising him, #guiding his #creation, #restoring nature, #advocate of trees.i cant #sing for myself en am asking u sing these words with me. #LETGODBE
BIOGRAPHY NAME: Ezekiel Karanja GENDER: Male CURRENT LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya BIRTH DATE: December 18 SIGN: Sagittarius STAGE NAME: Ecspedition JOB: Singer GENRE: Reggae(,roots,lovers-rock en dance-hall) RECORD LABEL:Various BASE: Nairobi, Kenya " .

Biography of ecspedition
"Greetings in the Highest praise,I am raised to reason and know that 'Utu ni Ubuntu' or
that 'Human is ,I am because you are' and that is how i derived my own expression "If One Of Ours Is In,All Of Us Are In!
the usual hashtag i love to identify with #IOOOIIAOUAI
Ecspedition is a reggae musician. The name comes from the word expedition, which means organized journey for exploration, and he adds his trade mark "IOOOIIAOUAI" acquired from reading peoples brains in order to learn the ways.That enhances the meaning to.exploration of the mind.this is as he says"is to make people see the hidden power,capabilities,love,hate,wealth,and everything they never thought they have".Ecspedition as a Vocalist musician started singing his own music only after high school or ( grade 2) even though the talent was there even before, as he recalls.
"i used to love music in between yr 8 to yr 10,even though i were not sure the original kind of music my heart would settle for, not till one day when i came across veteran Kenya radio presenter by the name "JEFF MWANGEMI who used to play live on a weekday evening en heard him play" reggae singles or albums" he says  he developed interest and loved the likes of BUJU BANTON,BOB MARLEY,LUCKY DUBE,who were frequently getting airplay on the only radio station. These he says was the first time he realized the music that totally pleased his heart,Reggae.Later he would find himself resinging the songs and trying to sound like the voices he earlier had heard. He recalls attending reggae jam sessions used to be hosted by supermatch cigarette promotions from BAT in disco nights,even though he was not allowed, he would ran from home just to listen to the reggae music catch a movie  where one would win a packet of cigarettes just by attending'(he says which he never smoked but traded for a 20 shillings coin) but due to discouragement of too much music by his mother en lack of support he was forced to do it under... only collecting a daily paper on Sunday having an artist profile en lyrics to a song,of which he would use to singalong en practice from such material. ecspedition  dad was a music man as he says"my dad when i was 3 to 4 yrs i cud hear him record himself on tapes singing from books en replay again wen he is at home on weekends or playing with us its unclear whether this meant his dad wanted to be a musician, but ecspedition says it makes him believe that that is where he inherited the singing talent ,which also encourages to keep going. EARLY MUSICAL CAREER ecspedition never stopped working to his music even after joining high school.but due to unsatisfactory playlists he thot it would be better to deejay these way he would play his own music.He never had any deejay equipments but rather he would record favorite songs on a tape en replay later to his taste. Till later he formed a group which they would only sing en practice on peoples songs comprising a lady en a guy though that lady quit later."we also parted ways with the guy too with my after high school but in good terms tho my friend would go a head en record his album in mother tongue" IE, Kikuyu gospel which challenged him to find a studio en launch a serious career in music. IT wasn't easy becoz of funds so After form four he concentrated on writing his own songs since most were inspiration and nowhere they were in record for practice or reference. These seemed to take a different direction wen riddims started to enter his brain as he says a radio station around 2005 called metro FM started a show on Saturdays profiling reggae artists (Jamaican) en encouraged him to preserve music in riddim en never knowing it would really help studio time later. PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION .
Over 2007 he joined computer college just after high school that made him move form thika to Nairobi city,en here he learned skills that evolved his music production in his own room.Around 2008 he decided to make all his tapes TO cds.2009 is the year he first had a link to get a studio record him but there were no funds so it moved to the next year where he would relaunch himself again with the first song God knows AT VINEYARD PRODUCTIONS on a riddim (world go round) from itation records.Only but the record was only shunned after the first play on radio due to quality issues,"this made him realize quality not quantity it would make him review strategies of recording good music which would in cooperate reviewing a song for a month after studio time if it was not promising on quality at first take then it would have to be rerecorded. 2011 is the yr he recorded his second single Out ma window a love song on base line of a legal riddim with DALANA ENTERTAINMENT. he continues "2011 also brought betterment because i got a job as a technician in a CCTV en access controls company where i saved money to do an album this was achieved around June same yr at AXIS MEDIA RECORDS ,album launched ova august 2012. This is the first album and is already on leading music sites for promotion and downloads for free to anyone RECORD STUDIOS VINEYARD PRODUCTIONS,DALANA ENT.,STARLINE RECORDS,AXIS MEDIA RECORDS RESPECTIVELY,in order of attendance for projects. at a show in 2013 December second he met HYPEMASTERS ARTISTES en got interest with their production quality,to the chase where he is currently working from managing 8 records, PRETTY WOMAN,HOLD ON,WELCOME TO THE PARTY,POLICE IN DE STREETS,THOUGH I NEVER,WOMAN NUH COMPLAIN,STANDARD PROCEDURE...EN MORE ALL THESE MUSIC IS AVAILABLE AT WWW.REVERBNATION.COM/ECSPEDITION He has performed at all homegrown reggae shows en private shows along side big artistes like ras Kago ,Donteh,Lyrical ill,brucho,Sergio,badscar en others GOALS "I wish to record music for all events en occasions,that way i will reach my message to almost anyone or everyone,i would not stop till i have shows around the world preaching the news,my greatest wish is to help reggae in Kenya re-volute ,,,people to sing it as they record it from homeland.maybe OWN AN EVENT LIKE REBEL SALUTE WHERE ARTISTES CAN HAVE A CHANCE TO SHOWCASE TRUE MUSIC WITHOUT BIAS FROM PROMOTERS.MAYBE EVEN A RECORD LABEL FOR ALL REGGAE SPECIALTIES.THAT WAY NO UPCOMING ARTIST WOULD SUFFER THE STRUGGLE OF PRODUCTION LIKE I DID.

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