to be kind,
ability to put yourself in other peoples shoes,
reaching out,
Feeling what others feel
Ability to feel what others would feel in each and every situation and consideration of what decision to take next.

love for Team work,

Need of urgency to others,

Call of duty to serve others,

Ability to share when sharing does not make sense during lack.

Ability to resist evil actions that affect others for our self satisfaction ,comfort or greatness.

Sharing pain,blessings ,haves or have nots,gains losses, water ,shelters,food and clothing.

Not charging value to those who cannot  give, do, become or because its your idea,to make you wealth.

Examples of emotional fairness in real life..

To make an iphone its costs is 1% labour.
That means at 100,000  an iphone pays assemblers 1000.

Its also means that you kill a mother every time they gave or give birth.

Truly if APPLE paid shenzen 1000 dollars per assemblers,it would increase the cost of iphone to the buyer and the money would circulate from the richest .

But rather they make special products very limited,so that the people who make them are few and paid very well, and that way wealth never circulates to the other people.

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