A day in a Vocalists life,

Its dawn again,and i am gonna have a late session tonight since its Saturday .I hate that these only happens on one day in a week,while i wish i could get it become my habitation or cocoon ,just me stuck in that place.

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But more than anything else i cannot bear the other most discouraging thought ,it takes money to keep studio time running.
Today than any other,  i have been dreaming about it longest and vividly of all past time,  because i have all my lyrics right and the track is really one of those i really wanna voiceand get official record.Since all my legends have a song in there, if fate is fair and true, i might share a stage with them and we shall sing back to back.
Or maybe these, will make me get discovered by a big producer or a record Label and my all musical life changes.

Overall i cannot just go anyday let alone day time to studio, because i have to get some slaverly at work place first delt with,and anyway even if i did not have hustle on these day, i cannot go to the studio because even my producers don't fully depend on studio,they actually have to go work else where to keep bills paid.

We all have schedules on this evening but i am not sure ill get a slot because i have not been in studio for 6months.But they always say "Ecspedition just come we will find out what we can do" .

back to mind ,i start reflecting again,since Most of my songs are different and hardly what is playing in the market ,everything am doing is such a great risk ,such that some or most times i ask myself is these really worth? , and i end up encouraging myself that when time is right the system shall accept my shit.

There are many ways i can break out,if i only i can join the crowd or becomeone more sheep crossing a river,!cause some funny shit drama !release something abnormal !leak nude videos or porn like all the other artists do.
Or since am a reggae vocalist ,'meditation and inspiration artist', stay on the line and keep doing my  stuff and never make it. Or do it knowing maybe when am 85 by accident one of the then youths would like to remix one of my songs and i get a chance like githeri man.
Of course everyone finally gets one shot to be great but its not even guaranteed even though it actually happens .
     Am done at work and its 1 o'clock. Shortly 1hr later (am african)  back home clean up pick my passport HDD and my addiction (headphones)my shitty iPhone because am required to look the place and wear my regalia to look like that cult you are all associating me with already right now.
Ok i actually belong to that cult ,and i also smoke tonnes of weed..no that was to get the bloggers talking .that is if they actually do not read these later part.

I head to the bus stage and its 4 o'clock , stick my ass in the public transport and load my next playlist for 40 min which i|ll be here so i might as well keep my head busy and forget all my lacking and havings.
Ill drop off at the city center and pick another matatu to my last drop off.

I get to the gate and past the guard its about 6:30pm, let myself in and go banging on the  main door ,wait knocking on the studio gate and in i am .Greet all my fellow broke artists like me, say hi to the two usual producers, and  in the studio see whose in the open booth actually the whole studio is a booth and it is hot even with the fan running.

Trust me i am sure these heat keeps us going, some or  most times cold places are not good for vocals.
My worst nightmare is when my name is called not because am not ready but because even with all believe that am ready you never know which song is what to your life .for the sake of success i pick up my self present the track and it is sampled prep d and i am ready to go...i do not need a warm up i have been doing that all the way to these place.

As soon as i am on the mic and headphones on my head i start shaking and sweating heavily also because it is hot and  that am tense too.First i remember i did not have a perfect title because the producer did not say "damn lets hear these one sounds big".and these withdraws a little more confidence and am not sure if ill make these a hit.

for the next 1hr 30mins ill be done but it all that lasts 15 mins because i have been repeating and changing and replaying rearranging ......to be continued https://www.reverbnation.com/artist/video/15152570
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