What is Life ?

Fulfillment in denial is sadness and sacrifice in minimalism is happiness .

They say everything about self fulfilment and accomplishment is ment to bring self actualization is CHASING AFTER THE WIND

Fulfillment in Denial is Sadness, Sacrifice in Minimalism is Happiness [What is Life?]

Fulfillment in denial is sadness and sacrifice in minimalism is happiness .

They say everything about self fulfilment and accomplishment ment to bring self actualization is CHASING AFTER THE WIND

Reverse engineering and self reflection is a hard thing for a hand to mouth person or a very wise person.
Being in the middle is the true fashion.

I have fought what would be living in poverty to look wealthy and i have found myself fighting wealth to look like i am lacking.

How We Live Beyond 120 yrs Max [Guide to longer Life]

The Following is my Guide to slowing down the aging process and increasing life experiences in happiness , being 72yrs old Brain and 30yrs  old Body ,This is How we live Beyond 120 yrs Max
.....they say wealthy people live 9yrs longer than poor,But what they never tell you people who practise the following kind of tactics live the longest,...

Each of the number i used on the introduction

is significant with nature design. 72,30,120

A lot of Water Makes you Unhealthy and Live Shorter Life.

A lot of water makes you unhealthy and live shorter life.

Water is life,water gives life and water is all glory after God. It is the most abundant product in nature on ground under and in air.
Water is claimed to be the carrier of life .water is electricity and air even the ground you walk without the minimum water it is dust.

But what science has not told you is that water is killing you,water keeps you from healing quickly and water makes you fat.

Yes water is the holy evil that you have fought all your life to no avail,because you thot you cannot do without it.

Fear People who Respond or Take positive Action

Fear  People who Respond or Take positive action.

Simple ways to increasing credit worthy  or receive miracles from God.

I have many times asked God to stop rain for me and it did.. i have asked him for money and it fell from the sky,i have asked him to provide for certain people and it truly worked.. i just never figured how it actually worked or why,this is because whenever i organized to ask for the same things it never, happened but for a random request it did in ways i did not know.

The Goal is Not to Change People but Rather give Them an Experience [one that they do not wanna forget]

The goal is not to change people but rather give them an experience 


People hate change...
That is why it is easy to tell them truth in a joke or cartoon way.... tell them a lie because they deduce the truth.
People hate change but love being mocked about it... people appreciate a quo status so its good acting like you care...

Many times that i hear peoples stories its only two versions ...the versions of the people who get extremely changed or the people who end up trying to match up the change. And the later  is the biggest no. 99%

Theres no place for good people to be good {dead good is acceptable or good corrupted}

Theres no place for good people to be good

When you are a toddler playing with siblings and family around you hardly nothing seems to be an issue ,even when you lack and later have meals it seems to be normal...anyway you eventually forget .

When you become a teenager and start working for the family to earn meals while others are playing then you start to appreciate those who have what you don’t..even though still reality has not kicked in that there is something missing.

What to Know About American Aggression [Signs World War III]


It is not hard to know that america feels threatened by the rise of China and aggression of north Korea,neither has Russia nor Iraq taken these easily.
The economy of the americans has greatly been overtaken by new world billionaires who can fund crisis including american  Elections.

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