No more books,talk to and with people

Always read books...any books school books church books religion books..novels..maps..
familiar from all life coaches right? .... well i am their angel of doom

What have we gained from reading inspirational books?
A bunch of people filled with ego and self fullness.But is that what makes a man useful in the society and keep him or her motivated?

The only test Mandela failed

Are you tired of feeling alone left behind and like you are the only honest person left in the world?
common it cant be harder than being in jail 27yrs everyday and night and holiday and christmas and new year.

Imagine :

We cannot be able to demand for justice ...women are using their bodies to acquire wealth,well the men are corrupting society to be rich. You might say the children are becoming thugs and criminals and wanting easy ways....but their parents payed to get exams cheat. Did you hear the other day artists claiming they have to pay  radio presenters airtime to be played....that has been a means you hardly have content compelling them to just play.

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Who Am I,Worlds Mistake?

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