Debt of the Dead. (Thiire Wa Ngomi) and other Tradition

Goitre is a sickness prescribed by modern doctors as iodine lack or deficiency.
The agikuyu normally ask who eats their own pot alone? no one then you cannot all alone have iodine deficiency. rather they call that being held by the throat by those who died because there is a debt to be paid.

Words and thiomi or language of agikuyu...

Asking You To Help Me

Open eyed see the world, through clearer skies
The weight of my smile isn't holding me down
For everyone that lives, somebody dies
And in the dark no-one hears you cry

The Extinction of White TrumpLike People in 50yrs

The extinction of white TrumpLike people in 50yrs 

The power and behaviour of the current albino president J trump is the manifestation of the last throne of white suprematist.
When you see a slaughtered blood animal try reenergise itself by the rough loose throw of its feet thats the sign that life and soul is leaving it.

God Smiles When you Make Money Business Secrets Holistically

Business Secrets
God Wants Each of Us to Be Obsessively Preoccupied with the Needs and Desires of His Other Children.
An Infinite God created us in His image with infinite imagination, potential, creative power, and desires
Humans Alone Possess the Ability to Transform Themselves
The Universe Was Created for Connection  Making Money Is a Spiritual Activity

How to train modern man ...Forgotten panty theory

How to train modern man ...Forgotten panty theory

In the above to make i will discuss extensively the various stages and signs of manhood expected behavior.
How to mark your territories as a man 

How to make man feel part of house hold..
How to make man feel part of bedroom.....
How to become a true man have a gazebo...

Artifacts than cement a mans presence in places he steps in.

Ironies of Life The Things We Cannot Actually Change

When less is more valuable than more,death than forever sick.experience than education.

A smart phone has more computing power than Apollo missions combined which took people to the moon ... but now even with all servers combined it is impossible.

Perfect African Weather and Global Warming Proof of Gods True Dwelling.

Perfect African Weather and Global warming proof of Gods dwelling.

Its now a large contest between man and nature trying to fix his mistakes.
Many factors including technology among are top of destruction earth is experiencing. Technology has improved human growth and population increase which was not the desire of God.

Facing mount Kenya “Kirinyaga” the dwelling of true African God

Facing mount Kenya “Kirinyaga” the dwelling of true African God

Many people question why many white people hardly return foreign after visiting africa leader of poor governance and poor world class infrastructure...because this is the dwelling of God ...this is their home... this is where they wanna be.

African colonial tarmac roads were designed by to kill Unsuspecting Locals.

African colonial tarmac roads were designed by to kill Africans.
African Death traps by the roads builts by invaders.


It is important to highlight few poorly designed roads eg Kinangop - Njambini Chania bridge or the Thika Chania bridge or Nanyuki - Meru 🌉Bridge... those are one of most dangerous but not all...There are so many bridges which have a very dangerous funny approach such that,when you are on the hill and heading into the river and your brakes fail or cannot  somehow respond...or  maybe even you under or over-steer for many matters,your first heading is into the river.

Being Part of Something

Of all things i have always wanted to be part of something...

To belong somewhere...and to be with people who can tell me doing right is wrong and doing wrong is right...those kind of people...yes that can call you midnight to go nowhere...and can still ask you to go home...where i can sleep listening to their stories not worrying they will kill me...and to be there like i am not...
I do know how...and i dont know anyone...

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