How to Explain God Making Man in His or Their Own image

What is "in Our own Image' in reference to God SOn and the spirit

When God said lets create man in our own image did He mention image as physical spiritual or holistic? 
Which method best describes in our own IMAGE?
What aspect can we look at a combination of all beings that can show is IMAGE OF GOD JESUS AND HOLLYSPIRIT?

Why Do Africans Mistreat Their Workers and Blame White Colonial Rule

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It is not acceptable for Africans to mistreat fellow Africans and blame the colonial rule...
These is utter disregard of our heritage and traditions for communism and values of a society.

It is foolish to believe and learn Africans mistreat each other and bosses deny workers good care ,remuneration and justice, and want you to blame it on the white Shitstem.

The fact that forefathers went through suffering cannot prove how african leaders became greedy corrupt and cunningly wicked.

Our society is based on current system of me and my family...and what can i get maximumly out of anything social or government.

Stuck at the Railway Tracks

Stuck at the railway tracks 

Only people who are drivers and mostly  stick shift drivers understand why a vehicle stalls between the tracks.

Many claims and myths have it that, it is a thing with magnetic fields of the railway from the approaching train... trust me its not.

Dwelling in Consciousness Part 2

Dwelling in Consciousness 
Part 2
EmBrace your history , origin and tradition the only heritage you can keep is Gods son Jesus 

It is not the chance that you take but the choice that you make that defines your destiny 
Them no want what they say when they say black people unite,they want we fuss and fight and jah know that no right

They say blacks come from monkey ,but monkeys live in their beautiful trees in peace..
No monkey builds a fence around a fruit tree.. men do that and make others lack and steal.

Monkeys do not abort or leave their babies... and they never feed their babies  with plastic bottles .

Monkeys do not charge for sex.

The Reason Reggae Can Stop

The reason why reggae Can stop

Yes there is someone or some people who can actually stop reggae!
The destruction of reggae started when single producers felt like they can do it all alone...
But lets face it..
So where does the whole 360secs come from ..
It is basically a producer trying many ideas to fill the single idea they had first... 

we can agree sometimes they failed or most times people feel they nailed it...or reverse
But there is a unique source and styles  ,various patterns ,blend and mixture when more people contribute... 

Today it Changed My life ,Start of My Africanness

All songs Recorded from today shall be in Swahili and all lyrics shall have swahili

Come to the source,get the facts to make the right decision....TOYODA

Pretty Black Woman  -Msichana wa Kiafrika,Urembo wa Mungu
Loving tonight - Mapenzi leo na usiku
Who Am I,Worlds Mistake - Mimi Ni Nani,Kosa  La Dunia

  So if you read this you just might have seen the future before anyone else.

Change the Community and Not the Outcome

 The Me Shitstem
The Community Nature
Might Become poor
Will eliminate poverty ,
White shitstem
Black communism
Shitstem dependence 
Community dependent
Self Education is ultimately the only way
Teaching is liberation
Money is the future
Wealth is inherited and passed on.
The world will end ,never plan for death
The world ends when one dies
People are mean ,wealth is my friend
People are wealth ..friends and enemies too.

Who Are,THEY?

Who are, THEY?
[stories with and from grandpa part 2]

One day, of the many days we were with my grandfather Him seated on his #Giturwa or closely #Jungwa {Three legged African Elder Man Stool. Like the same one, Kenyatta took to August House] ...was a special sunny windy afternoon... But first let me tell you a Short history about him... My grandfather is those hash ,extra strict and neat people that even the police used to call him 'Bwana sheria' While he was driving,just because he could tell off police of what the law actually dictates.
               If that is not enough he is a man who would stock an yearly worth of food ,for example,a 50kg sack of maize, beans ,sugar, rice ,wheat and maize flour each. He did not like early morning or late hours restocking...he would always ask ..."why would you wait till it's finished? do you think I am always have spare money to spend..? What if I am not around? "
He was also the kind of man who would hiredaily labourers to his farm, pay them their agreed wages and still give them a whole pack of cooking wood or foodstuffs for no extra demand.
                   He did love nature and had trees planted all around the farm .The Homestead was cool and a calm breeze would make the trees swivel and bring a calming effect, but we would enjoy the sunny days equally well. At such times it was a good time to dry and clean by coffee husks and nuts.a typical day involved, taking out the drying coffee and lay them on the ground and after a few days of that routine we would start sieving when the wind favoured the activity. On this day the routine happened and it was all well... So he picked the short jungwa  and would be issuing commands or alerts on what to do...basically while doing a bit too,mostly with his mouth.
                     We are halfway on the sieving process , we on one side and now sieved coffee nuts one the other...shortly at half way we would start sorting and packing just incase the weather was not by our side... Of course, the process is not foolproof as some of the chuff falls right back on the coffee...but way far much better than raw harvest straight to the market ... My grandfather's principle was to sell or give the best of whatever harvest and would not mind leftovers of the un-sieved,as to him the name was  important than money.
  That day,While packing I am not sure where this abnormal courage came from , I dared tell him of all things i should have never...  I said...” grandpa you know some people pack on the base of a 90kg sack sieved coffee nuts and around the middle they place the chuff and dirt ,then fill it up with the top grade coffee ,and even before i went i ahead he said...”stop...who are some people?” He asked... I said ,"that is WHAT THEY SAY” He asked “who are THEY?” I immediately knew this was a bad idea.
And I listened waiting for worst... He continued..” there is no one like they... it is people like you , who have such ideas and actually do such things...if you are to carry my name you are to consider doing best to othesr, but you have the worst thoughts I have ever had and heard in this homestead “ And ever since I knew it is me who is wicked and not THEY!..
so if you think or say the people are bad ,first take look at yourself.

Dwelling in Consciousness

Dwelling in consciousness Part [1]

Right is not going to fight might in a physical fight 

If you see things that need to be fixed it is because you are in a position to fix... why not just fix things.
Everything born out of zero..has power with more zeros
The education system teaches self and aggressiveness, the community teaches unity...
A bird flies because it takes itself lightly... unlike a fool who feeds on a party too much and get constipated...and cannot move...

The Greatest Thing For a Human Being

They call me rasta but those have an alteration
My red means blood, carrier of life.
My Gold is the Sun, as i am to be light without selection 
My Green is for the Land 
My Black is for look and africanness

In Faith I believe there is a creator who is nameless faceless and origin ..
The creator is only expressible in His might power and glory.
He created man in his image but man looks many different so His image is unique for unity...

In that Apprecilove i live by faith and apply by actions the things I believe....

Just as it is written
1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
2 For by it the elders obtained a good report.
3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.
Heb 11

Free Speech is a Tool for Enhancing Disorder

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Lessons from music industry as a vocalist
Why men cannot help be with sex workers
Vision of the four shadows 
Philosophy of the gikuyu

What is free ? ...Speech? Is speaking free...or is speaking your mind free speech? How much does it take to free people...Talk... what does it take to shut people ,organized speech...

Free speech is a tool for enhancing disobedience just another way to strip people manners taboo and heritage and guess who promotes it most mmmh ....
wait for it.    ...capitalists...and 
who is the champion? 
You got that right too...Amerimaca

Everything we speak is free but when you insult and talk bad about people it is free speech ..when you expose corruption and weaknesses it is leaking and when you conceal evidence is modest...would you still say now what is free speech. None of the above or all of the above.

The Only Possible Man Journey unto The Moon

People think and believe dreams are not valid...they also state that dreams are a reflection of what went through your mind... the think about dreams they are all in achievable if you look life in reality or try to sleep and have them.

Am talking about dreaming...and it still applies for achievements dreams... those that you wish for the sun and fall in the moon...
I would say it sounds crazy for dreams but when I reflect today it is a reality in dreaming... because I have been there and it was yesterday.... 
I have been researching much content and reviewing many videos reading materials and all in the name of understanding creation and science...

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Who Am I,Worlds Mistake?

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