these has not been told

these has not been told

"Things i never had Video Link

     So you maybe wondering now "whats  the fuss about ,missing again?"
isn't there enough things we already don't have?

No actually on these one its a makeup song, and a lovers song for that matter.

Yes you're surely right,its not your usual club song... Not another " shake-body" brutal tag of respectable women un_relating vibe all your nija and local brothers are adopting, 
These is another level of poetry .

These is not about back to my roots, but reinventing the current relations matters, expression and making sense of a would rather be another wasted 00:03:40 min.
      The artist is respectably of a league we all love to ignore,"media people" but kind of those who reliantly  review what is happening in family and basically music industry.
The song has a slow ,call it 'one drop vibe ' easy to understand,and clean written and audible vocals.
It has blended in poetry,beautiful persona ,merged in imagery lyrics and authentic short timing.

These is one that all you would be gentlemen need to know word by word . It will come in handy in the days you are tempted to get back the vibe to a lover ex or even your wife.yes that one that is so busy with life work and kids and her make up ,BUT NOT WITH YOU.

But since you might not even get a chance to see it or hear it as usual on your favourite media for a while go to amazon Spotify juno and iTunes you can also get to see it official video on youtube hypemasters ent or just google the title.

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