Spiritual,spirituality & spiritualism energy and human vibrations deception and Truth.

Spiritual,spirituality & spiritualism energy and human vibrations  deception and Truth.

If you do not know me ,ever seen me ,heard about me, you cannot KNOW me even spiritually (as people actually intend life to be.
Imagine you have to be told ,read or hear about God ,spirits ,JESUS ,SATAN, Garvey ,Selasie,  a singer or a movie star to be able to know them.

So i am here seated easing down on my slow coach and an idea comes to me..lets call it a realization.

Have you ever known what is specialization, uzoefu,becoming very good through repetition or rehearsal or naturally very good?

Imagine a singer you never heard of, for them to capture your mind how honest and very good they are at saying what is or in their minds or being physically experienced,most times its through hearing seeing or references, then their ability to give you breathing space between words or verses or breaks in a song, sometimes it is the evoking of emotions by words or natural moans, eg uuuuh! Or mmmmmh ! Or aaaaah! Or Nanana! Or lalala! 

You cannot just sit and know spiritually a singer you LOVE sings songs you like their names and song titles or even their location or where to find them... you need to search, hear on radio ,see on internet or tv or by referral.

That always works.

And i asked myself... what is these we call spirit living being and becoming.
Why is it that when you are really and truly in a need you cannot seem to attract solutions or people who can solve your problem?

Why are children not able to have the same spirit like their good parents... why do they have to watch hear see and learn... if spirit is about purity shouldn’t the children be the ones to easily acquire that ability ?

Imagine a singer who really struggles to reach an audience of his kind in emotional expression... without reference talk and sharing by people around who actually know hear and understand what the
artist is singing nothing seems to be happening spiritually ...but naturally people who are in the same space physically ,spiritually are able to reach out or find that energy... but not till a natural physical  tangible ,audible or visual link is established.

Isn’t these why someone who does harm to others is actually more popular... because that act is spread much easier than a goodness act which hardly passes to the the third person? Imagine and know this is why cults ,magic and illumination sects seem to actually work easily because they offer direct connection physical rewards instantly and reparations after whatever physical demand is performed.

How many times have you ever experienced a spiritual connection that solved a physical problem.. without a physical ,audible ,visual references and tangible link being experienced or established?

How many times by thought only has a question been answered? Why is it  impossible for spiritual matters to be established,opening those portals and links hardly become....

Look at movie stars music videos or pictures ,audios when they are spread and shared the actors ,singers or performers become people who are really desired loved and sometimes you even hear people claim they would die for certain people because of what they represent and what seems to be their supernatural abilities.

Do you know why the phrase never meet your hero’s come from?
Those people are not supernatural in physical presence....? You will be disappointed who they really are...
It is also true behind the scenes... it takes many hours to make a movie by making people to do and repeat to perfect one scene an action and or look a certain way.

The same case is true for music vocalists ,singers or players of instruments .They have to rehearse many times go to studios and do so many redesigns and actions to make some sound or words come out a certain way.

To be human is an impossible feature to express satisfy or fulfill spiritually ,can you imagine whenever you need anything ,you cannot have it spiritually even if there is a physical natural link.. if you want to see a person you have to find them.. if you need to hear a song you need to listen to it... if you wish to enjoy a place you need to go there.

Its not possible and or easy to establish spiritual links and satisfy physical needs.

A good and closest link is only possible from parents biological ones ...who actually at some points are able to sense even while physically not present when you are in a good luck or in a bad situation... SOMETIMES!

This is why man has a BRAIN, EARS ,EYES ,NOSE , SENSE OF TOUCH.. because it is true the spiritual entanglement is very rare or impossible in many cases its never experienced.... these physical abilities are receptors to send signals to relevant equal enquirer of human body...

As a living human spiritually spirituality and spiritual abilities are mostly and only shortly experienced and in very rare occasions..

THe bible says something very special....
Genesis 3:22 And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

God did not want to create a spiritual man by eating the tree of knowledge of good and evil man had obtained one more special characteristic of Godliness.. by eating the TREE OF LIFE,man would have been able to live forever like a spirit like God like angels... he would have been able to fly and see everything... go anywhere and do anything... by eating that tree of life man would have been able to be like satan spirituality roam any where enjoy anything live forever  IN A PHYSICAL BODY AND SPIRITUAL BEING. 

That was the key to unlocking the only other permanent being of SPIRITUAL BEING IN A LIVING PHYSICAL BODY.

Melatonin the Magical Cure for any disease

Magical Cure for any disease
What is Melatonin ,
if you google the term you will likely come across these two auto generated definations,but as only for a pill...
Melatonin is a hormone in your body that plays a role in sleep. The production and release of melatonin in the brain is connected to time of day, increasing when it's dark and decreasing when it's light. Melatonin production declines with age.
Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep–wake cycle. It is primarily released by the pineal gland. As a dietary supplement, it is often used for the short-term treatment of trouble sleeping such as from jet lag or shift work. Evidence of benefit, however, is unclear.
What GOOGLE does not actually tell you is that, melatonin is produced naturally by human body in the pineal gland,but only at night asleep without light around and noise or waves.
Radio waves,micro waves and excessive cell mast signal boosters and also artificial lighting cause the brain to not send the body into total sleep.The eyes as well as years are the most fed and connected body recievers to the brain thus also occupy a greater ability of command processing.
One wrong signal orders the brain to perform wrongly or normally..while its time to sleep the brain will not,nor  while its time to react the brain does not respond.
Melatonin is produced when the brain is a fast asleep with tune by the body,and its  chemical that fixes errors or wrong electrons left behind produced by the brain while it was fixing the body and the damaged brain cells.
That lost high energy is dangerrous because it aids bad cells and accellerates cancer or other disease causing germs to elevate performance.
Thus the Melatonin is actually a killer and a product of body healing by also eliminating the loose electrons.
Melatonin is the best thing in human second from emotions.
It is the most amazing cure and healer human body creates... but it has one condition... 
You also must be asleep 
There must not be any light.
There should be no tv or mobile device.
You must not wake up frequently or at anytime during sleep and check in mobile devices, tv, light a bulb or any other light emitting device.
There not be a microwave generating device around, fone / radio/tv  towers and masts, cooking microwave device, mobile phones, Doctor equipment. Power generation stations, motors, running electric generators.
Melatonin tracks any stray disease causing signals , electrons, light, waves and repairs damaged brain and body cells.
People with Cancer autism prostrate cancer, memory loss and other major cell and tissue disease , have been scientifically examined to lack melatonin production .
Night shift workers, doctors, engineers, technicians, women who use microwave most or people who live near any wave masts are the mist prone to those diseases because their bodies do nit generate... enough or close to less than half or a quarter of melatonin.

SLEEP SOUND, al lights off. Far from technology.

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