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What About the People with Unmatched Destinies [ Full of Surprises ]

Small class of Should and want to be and never be (the unmatched life destinies)

By default ,alteration or by fate so many people are crying for a chance to be something they really feel is the only thing that would help them fulfill life’s purpose.

So many motherless children..a lot of childless moms millions of partner-less singles and so many more dreams to be deserve and never get a chance to do or be.
walking in the spirit i experience cries ,tears and frustration of real people who are trying to be something or somewhere many with valid and good reasons...but somehow something in nature cannot connect or let it be.

1...2...3...Twende! [ All Together at Once ]


All together at once... where is the spirit of oneNNESS ☝🏿.
We should  remember to call on to the power of oneness. I happen to  roam around and be among the people who make the small things happen.

And one of the weakness ,of the weakest links i have found  is in people who try move or do things together. Without leadership and call of  unity, people do not act or react uniformly together.

Pessimistic People more Valuable and have Better Ladders to Success [the Actual Meaning of Optimistic and Pessimistic People]

ecspedition,real, opt,piss
Pessimistic people more Valuable and have better ladders to success...
[the Actual Meaning of Optimistic and Pessimistic People]
there is a divergent created by business community and employers or rich peopl,they have a notion that if a word suits a worker it is mean for the employer and if the opposite reverse of the vague truth [a word does not suit behavior of bosses or employers its meant for employees or workers]

Whenever popular people or motivation speakers ,politicians and business minded talk or give speeches they like to talk in terms of

How does Resurrection Work to a Body Buried and Rotten [Science of wrapping mummifying dead bodies]

How does resurrection work to a body buried and rotten.
ecspedition [dead mummified bodies]

The one main thing keeping christians alive is hope that they will raise from dead like jesus.

But lets put it down clear if you buried jesus in soil like we do to all christians how are they suppose to raise after millions of degradation...  
this whole thing about New Testament and living again is written and designed. Jesus was wrapped in materials cloth and locked in a clean tomb put in a stone safely and locked inside so that even hyenas would not eat the body.

Enter MILITANT [second phase of 10 themes]

Enter MLITANT [second phase of 10 themes]
MIlitant mindeset
open vision.
Self realization.
free will
against tide.
review everything.

Secret to Staying Young and Optimistic [Modesty vs Celebretory attitude]

Modesty vs celebrity 
Secrets to remaining young and energetic 
Why some people remain young while old while others look older when not very old.

The secret is been here all along... whenever you 
How to keep skin moist and smooth naturally 
The simplest way to stay young without gym
Stop gymnastics get your body healthy for doing something you have always tried and were told not to do it,these same idea is modest in terms of how much you invest.
Why stressed people die young,and it is the reason doctors get sick as they get older.

Predictions and Savings against Shuffling System

giving each equal chance
We tier know the future Yet create SHUFFLE as means to fairness or honesty.

SHUFFLING is a man creation for perfect uncertainty.It is not vagueness of not wanting to know ,but an expression of love for random results.
Whether in music playlist or voting,whether betting or pooling ...shuffling makes everyone feel like they had a fair and equal chance..

Broke Chains on your Feet and Hands they Put them on Your NECK..Crucifix

Slave Chains on your Neck
Strangling People With Jesus Chains on their Neck
Oh my people,Why did you sleep just after waking,how long will you be in chains ,,how long as slaves ,how long as minors in your own cities.
You fought so hard so that they could remove the chains on your feet and hands as slaves...then your children, oh yee great ancestors, sat to enjoy the freedom ..only to find the chains again on their neck,and they do not wanna hear nor listen to the words of the prophets.

Is God Done Angry with Black People LAZINESS?

We need to stop or pause with all these movements ,of black these ,black that ,i believe there are pertinent reasons why black wake up to find themselves fighting all over again.

Why God has been Angry with Black people

I was browsing scrolling through "face-book" and i saw one of my friends post something very inciting or thought provoking.... she said..

Why  cant God and Satan practice what He, says love your enemy and forgive them ...Maybe if they both make up there would be peace forever....”

ReUpload Updates: Comet That will End All or most of Life....

History Certified & Confirmed by 
Gratitude and Appreciation to Contribution 
In order not of Most or least contribution.

Michelle Thaller scientist
Hakim Oluseyi Geologist 
Frank Postberg Planetary Scientist

(all of Strip the Cosmos (Discovery Channel) program aired aided revelation on date Theory discovered below.)

First Theorized Monday 18 November 
Revelation 12 1-17
Why the Moon has Different Crusts
Earth face of 25kms depth craters clattered.
Hidden of dark side 50km Mountainous deep.
These are the words of John The Revelator of the visions and happenings in the years of between 6AD - 100AD
His Skills regarded very Poetic and as a Christian would See events as they happened on Earth.

When a Comet Collided with The Moon...War in Heavens..

History Certified & Confirmed by 
Gratitude and Appreciation to Contribution 
In order not of Most or least contribution.

Michelle Thaller scientist
Hakim Oluseyi Geologist 
Frank Postberg Planetary Scientist 

First Theorized Monday 18 November 
Revelation 12 1-17
War in Heaven / When a Comet ☄️ Hit The Moon.
Why the Moon has Different Crusts
Earth face of 25kms depth craters clattered.
Hidden of dark side 50km Mountainous deep.
These are the words of John The Revelator of the visions and happenings in the years of between 6AD - 100AD
His Skills regarded very Poetic and as a Christian would See events as they happened on Earth.

Introducing Ebony and the Ivory.

Ebony is Ivory wants to be.
Ebony Knows Ivory wants to confirm.
Ebony Builds Ivory Claims.
Ebony Has Ivory Does Not.
Ebony is Nature,Ivory is Artificial

The Metaphor is revealing.
#ebony #ivory

The Slay Queen Music,not anymore about spiritualism Reggae.

You probably know subconsciously, but it is had to accept ,The music has been infiltrated by a new breed of SKIN Out.The favorite music and the trendy vibe is growing slowly or already out in the wild where it might be for sometime.There's two ways to these fiscal invasion and split....the looks and the gender..one reason is if the girls have the money they can have it their way,if the man need the girls they can follow them wherever their vibe is.

Idiotic Nigerian Vocals in the Name of Afrobeat,Joke and utter Disrespect to Music.

Its Popular and trending.I even ,have thought of trying it.But its important i state categorically and square that i hate the sound of their vocals but i love the sound of beat.

Now lets break down how these all came about..After a long time of american and jamaican sound lets include british music being imposed and target trained to africans two processes of evolving musically took place .

Lyrics copying
When Africans felt like their music was not acceptable and only for white toursist.they rebelled and while one african professor was teaching a university class and happened to ask students why they were unbale to concentrate on a research assignment, and they said the main reason was His methods were too complicated and did not involve them.So he said If i cant beat You let me join you..meaning he wanted to let the students introduce methods that would be pleasing to them and help them concentrate..

Hidden Hindu People Voodoo and Abnormal Children..Secretsof their Wealth

How Hindus Make Lots of Money the Taboos Untold hidden Stories and Facts.

See Also Other Science & History
Sun and Planets 
Human body

If you know and have read my profile well ,you probably have an easier understanding of how i came to knowledge about this things.

In the business world Hindus are the most organised clans and wealthy indiviuals per capita of anywhere.if those are even terms of wealth measurement.

You Can Have Anything Except Money,Guide to Better Fulfilling Life


Depression/stress/employment is a sign of Discontentment...and it is allowed by poverty or lack.
What has Money ever done for you...?
I ask myself everyday..Buy things pay fares travel acquire items.So the goal is not to have money but to acquire a life style.

In truth this is the whole crazy idea a system is based on..make every thing seem scarce even the air we breathe so that we can sell it.the idea of global warming is to create a market for waste and recycling,to sell oxygen and and to insure and guarantee the reason for space race and technology.
50 yrs ago they sold depopulation as reason for man crisis..it cannot work now,they tried selling Aids Cancer its not good enough,they then tried 2000 as end of all life...after fail they picked up terrorism it also back fired.

Why God Does Not always Answer or Listen,to Everyone at the Same TIME

Story of God giving power to Man to rule all creation.

How can we decipher what power God has.
So whenever you ask God why me?,that passes,how come ? that goes too. God Only answers.
God Help me and watch over me as i undertake such and such,or maybe say your plan and ask Him to step in,or do as you plan in line that God wills be done.

I have struggled a

The Number 4, Theory of Seeing ...444...4444...12344456444784....4:44..14:44

So Finally i m not alone,and yes if you know or follow me you already know the times i reflect on numbers...I mean its all that matters...
I have an addiction some say fetish others luck or bad luck but sure i am its not luck or bad luck...to me when i spot 4 in rows and serials and plates and time,and i have only seen one more person confess online to seeing the 4 many times,Nadine .

Dwelling in consciousness 4

Dwelling in consciousness 4

Your achievements are tied to your purpose.
Self contentment decries soul searching .
It cannot be because till the way is set, the paths lead to it.
For things o work mission has to be accomplished or at hand.
For every obstacle not appreciated a repetition is inevitable.
The urge of trying is proof of higher calling to fulfill destiny .
When you cant see the outcome you do not have bargaining power.
When the results turn not to favour you there is a lesson you need to learn, when you do not it repeats itself.
If you cant beat it circle ⭕️around it.
If its too rough make a soft landing for it.

These might be my last blog,wish you all the best.






Exposing The Facebook Logo F () 4 Secrets Leaked...

Any letter or basically on our case ,F is just a letter but if you edit and model it becomes a brand.
 and thats where your brain gets tricked to see or not to see hidden or things tied or not tied to a brand or product.

Secrets of any product its truth or tied destiny of visualizations by end user mostly is in the branding.
Any customer is therefore not silly when they mistake a fake brand for a name or logo when buying a product but rather it is embedded in the brain to read quickly and interpret pictures or words and faces.

facebook-f  has done that to an extra level f .

FaceBook Censoring Conscious Black Content Generators

I recently saw a post #FacebookCensorsPostsFromBlacks
And decided to follow up or see if its fake news....
The shock tat met me ,is that the post is big and shares from the blog were alot, but very rare on Facebook search engine.
I decided to interrogate further which pages shared or wrote or co wrote about Black racism on Facebook consciousness and mind liberation.
I saw a page i wished to like and next i saw these the following advise.

The Science of Moons Atmosheperic Gravity and Water Availability.

Have you ever Heard the saying that when the moon is up the tide is high.
If yes ,then you are almost a science genius Just not well trained.It will be also possible that you understand the women menstruation occurs with moons periods,thats where the cycle and the name comes from.

The FDA ,National Cancer Institute and US government Admits CANNABI Treats Diseases.

https://www.ecspedition.co.ke/2019/09/the-fda-national-cancer-institute-and.html'Marijuana' has recently become of great interest ,many stand to believe governments are aiding in hiding the truth ,research and publishing about uses and importance of Cannabis Plant.
A recent journal has even been banned and pulled down for publishing some of ITS extreme findings related to 'cure' of cancer .

Оn The Following EXPose we will Discuss

Wasi Wasi Ndio Akili.

Its that dream again.
Wasi Wasi Ndio Akili translates vaguely to 'Doubt and questioning is evidence of High Common Sense'

In Native *swahili it is very easy to express great ideas by a single saying. It is common believe that the old men referred to as *Wahenga did live long long ago and had all solutions to all life problems and that nothing came to them as a surprise.

How to Self Liberate From Fear Based Human Control Intelligence

Fear based control intelligence system

Many people who grew accustomed to white people superiority and machinery system have one thing in-common...
Fear .
Fear is in every circumstance faith food and school system.

List of Pastors Who are Evil Worshippers.

List of Kenyan Pastors who are Evil  worshipper .

While i state The names of pastors which you can scroll ahead and see i will take you through how the statement is valid.

What Many people do not understand and have been decieved is that the bible says do not make an IMAGE of GOD to worship,Yet the church makes a WHITE jesus image, who is [Son of god} and tells christian to use rosaries and other things but say that is not Idol Worship. 

BlackHoles and Parallel Universe Theory Testing

BlackHoles and parallel Universe 

And to prove i am human
“The great houndini escape from stray jacket trick cannot work if you are standing straight up but rather requires candidate upside down and must be hanging.

Black holes 🕳are described by scientists as eaters of universe they consume all energy from light ,dark ,stars to even the planets.

WhiteMan now Being Haunted by His Black Shadow

White man Haunted by his black shadow 

shadow was the first discovery that everything black was behind or before creation.
That was confirmed when they discovered the first facebook of creation profile was recorded that in :genesis; "the upper and lower firmament of earth were filled with darkness"
So the white man realized

Spirits of Your Dead Grandfathers are Haunting you for Unpaid Debts

Spirits of Your Dead Grandfathers are Haunting you for Unpaid Debts


Do you find unsual “ndwari “ disease visiting your house?
Are there freak accidents and mishaps of food plates or drinking cups getting broken uselessly?
Is your family fighting abnormal unluck and struggling to get needs met?

There is a Snake 🐍 in Your Daughters Mouth

There is a Snake 🐍in your daughters Mouth

This is the second liberation....we say to divide a nation empower a woman and to educate a people teach a woman.. it is a spell of words and so many women would want to exit now but the truth hurts.

But if you look at the words they do not say teach or empower a man,so the only left teacher and empowerer is the man.

Lee Scracth Perry And Other Genius Black People,How White Buy Out Black Genius

Chris blackwell bought and sponsored bobs albums and Lee Perry Pirated the music and distributed it for free before whites banned all the music in Britain to english sound systems and discos.
Chris Blakwell and even told bob what kind of music would be marketable but the sole reason was to kill the ras of the music.

How To Create Positive or Negative Energy in People

You can create energy in people 
Some basic principles and thoughts have been put out and those who might not be aware they already use certain energy to control ,enable or disable people here are some usual examples.

Giving conpliments- a good compliment makes people talk to themselve and orgasm  sometimes even just by the mind travel without people leaving where they are.

They Call us Africans But Who are we ,what is our real Name by culture.

If i call you Kenyan is merely by the place you live.
If i call you Moses its by the name you were given.
But by Culture and tradition every dweller of the said African continent has a name.by practice from God or from their traditions and behaviors.
Mockery naming of africa

The name Africa was given by Romans who found a land and decided it name.
Africa had no boundaries neither tail or head because the land was the way God made it.
The dwelling of the people was named by the names of God and references of nature or how that place treated the people who dwell their.

First White Explorers Were Scouting for Their Origin in Africa

It is shocking news that the first white explorers were only out to scout for people like them and true roots of where they came from. Richard Leakey ,Vasco da Gama INCLUDING NOT FORGETTING TIME OF ARRIVAL
  • Bartolomeu Dias (1450-1500) ...
  • Vasco da Gama (1460–1524) ...
  • Ferdinand Magellan (1480–1521) ...
  • Francisco Pizarro (1529-1541) ...
  • Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) ...
  • Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) ...
  • Vasco Nuñez de Balboa (1475-1519) ...
  • Hernando Cortés (1485-1547)

Debt of the Dead. (Thiire Wa Ngomi) and other Tradition

Goitre is a sickness prescribed by modern doctors as iodine lack or deficiency.
The agikuyu normally ask who eats their own pot alone? no one then you cannot all alone have iodine deficiency. rather they call that being held by the throat by those who died because there is a debt to be paid.

Words and thiomi or language of agikuyu...

Asking You To Help Me

Open eyed see the world, through clearer skies
The weight of my smile isn't holding me down
For everyone that lives, somebody dies
And in the dark no-one hears you cry

The Extinction of White TrumpLike People in 50yrs

The extinction of white TrumpLike people in 50yrs 

The power and behaviour of the current albino president J trump is the manifestation of the last throne of white suprematist.
When you see a slaughtered blood animal try reenergise itself by the rough loose throw of its feet thats the sign that life and soul is leaving it.

God Smiles When you Make Money Business Secrets Holistically

Business Secrets
God Wants Each of Us to Be Obsessively Preoccupied with the Needs and Desires of His Other Children.
An Infinite God created us in His image with infinite imagination, potential, creative power, and desires
Humans Alone Possess the Ability to Transform Themselves
The Universe Was Created for Connection  Making Money Is a Spiritual Activity

How to train modern man ...Forgotten panty theory

How to train modern man ...Forgotten panty theory

In the above to make i will discuss extensively the various stages and signs of manhood expected behavior.
How to mark your territories as a man 

How to make man feel part of house hold..
How to make man feel part of bedroom.....
How to become a true man have a gazebo...

Artifacts than cement a mans presence in places he steps in.

Ironies of Life The Things We Cannot Actually Change

When less is more valuable than more,death than forever sick.experience than education.

A smart phone has more computing power than Apollo missions combined which took people to the moon ... but now even with all servers combined it is impossible.

Perfect African Weather and Global Warming Proof of Gods True Dwelling.

Perfect African Weather and Global warming proof of Gods dwelling.

Its now a large contest between man and nature trying to fix his mistakes.
Many factors including technology among are top of destruction earth is experiencing. Technology has improved human growth and population increase which was not the desire of God.

Facing mount Kenya “Kirinyaga” the dwelling of true African God

Facing mount Kenya “Kirinyaga” the dwelling of true African God

Many people question why many white people hardly return foreign after visiting africa leader of poor governance and poor world class infrastructure...because this is the dwelling of God ...this is their home... this is where they wanna be.

African colonial tarmac roads were designed by to kill Unsuspecting Locals.

African colonial tarmac roads were designed by to kill Africans.
African Death traps by the roads builts by invaders.



It is important to highlight few poorly designed roads eg Kinangop - Njambini Chania bridge or the Thika Chania bridge or Nanyuki - Meru 🌉Bridge... those are one of most dangerous but not all...There are so many bridges which have a very dangerous funny approach such that,when you are on the hill and heading into the river and your brakes fail or cannot  somehow respond...or  maybe even you under or over-steer for many matters,your first heading is into the river.

Being Part of Something

Of all things i have always wanted to be part of something...

To belong somewhere...and to be with people who can tell me doing right is wrong and doing wrong is right...those kind of people...yes that can call you midnight to go nowhere...and can still ask you to go home...where i can sleep listening to their stories not worrying they will kill me...and to be there like i am not...
I do know how...and i dont know anyone...

Research by Universities Proves Albino People Match DNA 🧬 with “the White people” Light “Pale”

Discovering the African Origin of White Man
Research by Richard Leakey and USA combined efforts with Europe universities proves Albino people match dna 🧬with  “the white people” light “pale”  .

Even though they have been around like the sun and water 💧,albino people are not clearly and openly admired let alone discussed ...yet they are the original parent of white skin or the pale people. Take for example:

Why the world does not need military without humanity and Public Relations Training.

Why the world does not need military without humanity and Public Relations Training.

The main trouble why people fear getting cross with the system is not because they cannot or they do not know how to do it...
But  because there is a rogue bullet or a few security forces who do not actually know the value of  human life ...they are blindly trained to maim ,kill get rough with citizens..
This is the reason some police and guards do not give a damn what happens to the public when they leave the camp and go to attack mode.

Africans Stop Copying African Business Rather Find Ideas

Africans so not like africans to be equals

Have you ever noticed a trend when someone by the street starts selling boiled eggs and seems to do well ten others copy and start doing the same?

That is African style of diminishing each other.THAT IS PURE JEALOUSY MANIFESTATION.

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