Why God Does Not always Answer or Listen,to Everyone at the Same TIME

Story of God giving power to Man to rule all creation.

How can we decipher what power God has.
So whenever you ask God why me?,that passes,how come ? that goes too. God Only answers.
God Help me and watch over me as i undertake such and such,or maybe say your plan and ask Him to step in,or do as you plan in line that God wills be done.

I have struggled a

lot trying to find out actually how long would it take for God to do something for one single man.Considering He is all mighty and powerful.
What is a blessing? ..how fast can you receive a blessing ?, and how fast can you acquire a curse?

I would like to write these as a one off article,so i shall take it slower that I usually do.

When God created man few things happened... 
First He said lets make man in our own image...
Any one man then is look a like  a bit of God...perhaps not a face, maybe in spirit... since that never dies too.

The first power man acquired is look of God,and in spirit which translates into good or bad ,happy or sad,wise or fool,knowlegde power and talents.

Then He placed him in a garden in middle of the Ground earth... And one thing we notice importantly , He said name everything,Multiply and Rule or conquer the earth.

What has just happened...God made man have part of His power so that man could act think,and to decide to do as God would.

What does these mean that by getting that power even God could not just revoke it since He had already created gods luke Him which is man.

Now it is important now we learn that so far God has handed man the first two powers of Spirit and of Decision.

After we see God  again after many years having a disagreement with how man was living and doing and we see noahs flood .
But one event is very notable when God chooses Moses to go rescue children of Israel from the Pharaohs...

Something reveals itself here... God by His own power could automatically do it but we see that by power He Had Given man it was wise for Him to ask and bargain with The king to allow children go to freedom..
We see the king harden his heart so much that God does not actually rure him but rather helps moses do miracles to control the kings and influence his decisions.

One more thing confirms that God had let man have power and will... and since a king represented even other people it was not by all power God to do his will instantly.

The God realizes this cannot be allowed to happen again.. He hands Moses rules and regulations...to govern and guide man...

But by all power given to man God does one more miracle... in one of the commandments He says Honour your father and mother so that your days in earth maybe many...

What has just happened here... God has handed more power to a parent than a king.... so man is not to be a slave anymore if there are favors from the parent.

This was inaccordance with God wanting not man to be frustrated reaching God for small things because just like a programmer you want the software to do thing in the background and not always be therre... except when it is very major..... a matter of life and death...

This is the Blessing Power handed to a parent who also obeys and has honored the laws of God. That order works in reverse that man can receive a curse from a parent or parent from God for disobedience.

Now lets go back to God and Moses ,here we see It took more than 40 yrs for the children of Israel to receive their blessings from God.

This is very important when anyone person is asking God directly to do something...it is important to realize that God has all animals nature sun moon waters to attend to ...so one mans demand cant move God instantaneously...it takes time alot of time as we see for thousands of children of Israel it took more than 40yrs and those were all asking God to be freed.

This is why God gave faster power of blessings to the parents so that simple things that do not involve stopping the moon or sun can be given by a parent...

This is long life luck favor health food family friends.

That means if you get a blessing from your father or mother it is enough for all the days of your life... but for further works involving Mankind and rest of creation that is where God steps in.

If want anything to happen quick the first person to reach is a parent... because even God listens to them first before a sole person... except those who have no mother or father.

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