You Can Have Anything Except Money,Guide to Better Fulfilling Life


Depression/stress/employment is a sign of Discontentment...and it is allowed by poverty or lack.
What has Money ever done for you...?
I ask myself everyday..Buy things pay fares travel acquire items.So the goal is not to have money but to acquire a life style.

In truth this is the whole crazy idea a system is based on..make every thing seem scarce even the air we breathe so that we can sell it.the idea of global warming is to create a market for waste and recycling,to sell oxygen and and to insure and guarantee the reason for space race and technology.
50 yrs ago they sold depopulation as reason for man cannot work now,they tried selling Aids Cancer its not good enough,they then tried 2000 as end of all life...after fail they picked up terrorism it also back fired.

What i want you to know is that there will always be ideas to make business work with do not get caught in every single trend the system introduces...the only thing that lasts and ask you grandmother is family lineage and traditions..You will only conquer life by Knowing God and your grannies and your children...everything you ever work for or need is to make family worth having and people proud of you.

Common SENSE

What if i tell you nothing is scarce except that you think you need money to get it...?You will say please do ..I found out that before everything we currently know the first man did it all and lived it all.Why do you think egyptians built pyramids they had money why not build banks.because they discovered money was just an institutional design to make people wake up and run over heels looking for something they never need.

Let me start by something you all know...What is wrong with barter trade? No one is obligated to a middleman bank.The idea was perfect because you give what you have in abundance in exchange of what you need and do not have. it is immediate and no need of going to school to learn what you dont have...Rather the idea of demand and supply is one should ever tell you you cannot ,who taught the first teacher..who taught the first eng.technician lawyer...all systems design to make you feel unable and unqualified.


When you get money you buy food,get some more and buy land some more and buy education,some more and buy a wife some more and buy a house...i mean the idea is it is not the money you need but a product.All of these things were available for free before the albino system of money was introduced.And all of these things are not in scarcity nor unavailable..this is not what you should be taught.

Fulfill your Life

The first solution to what you are looking for ,which i want to believe is not money ..but rather a service like medical Care or education maybe spiritual nourishment....What you need to know first..
Find what is available for free...
Before You think of buying who has what you need...?
This is the greatest Question...ask yourself..

Most times we are made to think everything we need is with everyone..just as long as you will have money.No that is the wrong thinking.
take an example of Education...everyone thinks that you have to go to school to learn something..i beg to differ..First you parent is educated or guardian..the parents your grannies ..why dont you go ask them about that skill you love so much and believe you are blessed with.
You find out that without asking people naturally do not offer.

Always remember you are not the first to do it..and you will become more successful by inquiring what relatives people know or people that they know.

Always look for the shortest way of getting anything justfully for free before paying or thinking cost in terms of money.

What is the smallest portion of what i need..Assume its land do not save for acre buy an 1/8 will be shocked the magic it will do...if really you want it its available for  free as long as you have a lineage theres an inheritance for you first go find it.else use the other route of little money little land.
DO the same for a car or a house never think BIG think NOW and POSSIBLE .

You know and have heard no one is buried my their own money so which money buries you neither it is actually people who know you, so while you save money pay you HOME-MAGE to everyone connected to you always connect with people

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