Is God Done Angry with Black People LAZINESS?

We need to stop or pause with all these movements ,of black these ,black that ,i believe there are pertinent reasons why black wake up to find themselves fighting all over again.

Why God has been Angry with Black people

I was browsing scrolling through "face-book" and i saw one of my friends post something very inciting or thought provoking.... she said..

Why  cant God and Satan practice what He, says love your enemy and forgive them ...Maybe if they both make up there would be peace forever....”

And my heart skipped a bit,how true and i started to ask myself why cant God forgive satan...all these evil is because God and satan are not friends....

And God answered me in a miraculous way....
My people do not plan and nor love to work....
It is the reason why even satan wanted to sit on the throne and be ordering things to happen....He just wanted to 'play' God...

Does'nt sound well ? Maybe even barely convincing, so i will breakdown.As God took my mind on a journey and started to reveal how things have been since He created Man,These things occurred to me

Its common sense black is everything,true that, even before big bang it was black dark and of those with the creation belief, before creation it was black dark

Black is life ,strong ,favorable ,favored and a source and start of many good and evil things.

This is something that hit God just after creating man and placing him in permanent providence.  God got shocked that even with and after everything He had done for the black man and woman adam...they were too lazy to harvest fruits,a reason the serpent could lure them for their laziness.

And God knew from the start these men he had created were a practical problem ,lazy and disobedient.This is where God had to make sudden decision.
So He had to push them out of Garden of providence and into problem after problem, so that they could be responsible and know God did go to work to create man and by mere act of using words to create the earth and all that is in the universe.It is sad we still do not know some names of natural and living things..... 

So For God to make the black man appreciate the creation and value of life He made them free of free things and put them to hard work to earn ,for even free things.

Its important i highlight that for God so loved so much the black man ,His creation, He could not
eliminate it, but found it better for once recalculate , and that is how after Noah the family started to multiply and a big blast of deficiency from skin color to the universal human re-evolution [Because here we see less than one man gene multiply to fill earth again] gained a new momentum mind you, that was the not original design of God.

This is a tactic i realize that the white man caught up very fast and easy and he had to rewrite the New Testament to be able to reprogram black people.

White people found out that by telling black people Jesus went to prepare a place in heaven and that there in heaven would be singing and eating ,praising God in corridors of Gold and paths of Shabba , that he would or could lure the lazy gene of black man to desire going to heaven and fear not dying since heaven would be full of fun and eating for FREE.

It is the same ideology with Islam jihad extremists who believe that in heaven it will just be having sex with 10 horny virgins who just wait sit and eat while praising God.or Allah for that sake.

Who is that foolish that they does not realize even God works very hard by just taking care of all creation and maintaining the cosmos and the universe which he created, trying to make sure that everything is running very well ,unlike witnessing collisions everywhere or extreme deficiency for materials of nature. 


Black people love earning but do not love working.ONLY BLACK people who stop doing their job after making money and pay someone else to do it for them... something very rare with white people who its easy to find billionaires still very involved in going to space or making cars or producing alcohol... 

It is only black people companies that close down or have very funny designer names which hide the owners so that they can loot or when they do something wrong theres no one to blame.

White families always have companies carrying family names so that through all history you know who did or does what... honesty and openness is something tied to hard-work and responsibilities which black people do not love and naturally do not have...except under PRESSURE or when circumstances push them to the edge...

At these juncture it’s important i highlight ,i know black people are inventors very creative in arts  and do more than even themselves knew they could... but they only do it to get out of trouble and then forget the whole thing....

This is a big fail since as at now anyone who cares to know ,understand that life has no taking brakes it is always doing and enjoying...and finding what makes life interesting even when in providence or lack... its good culture to know drinking and discussing other peoples business does not improve anything in life...

This is the same reason the same blacks were in slavery in Egypt where their God who loves them so much let them be put to SLAVERY work ,GOD hoping to see if they could change their lazy nature.

Even after 400 years they still did not want to carry enough food as God told them even to borrow from fellow Egyptians ...and God again found himself in a problem having to again work on rescue plan and provide manna for these lazy people who from the start knew they would run into the jungle but never planned what to eat or do over the journey of 10 years.
We complain and read all encouragement but always forget we go from slave to slavery centuries after centuries because we get well and relax... and forget even in heaven God had power made one angel jealous...
Then even after all these time God showing them mercy he again let them be colonized so that they could learn to work and plan for future as they were still lazy and fun lovers.....

We see after white peoples and Indians  leaving Africa, Africans did close down all factories and working systems so that they could enrich themselves,they even grabbed their own land so that they would never have to work again just sit and enjoy the labour of theft...

African governments and leaders can not help themselves because they are so lazy they even think lazily for their children  ,and so they steal trying to make sure their children never have to work and this is a practice God hates and white nor Indians never do...

We see that Indians or white people love Start early teaching their children to do what they do and put work into their young life so that they learn how things work.

Its only black people who make money or small change and all their rest of short remaining life all they do is buy cars to move them form holiday to holiday and club to club drinking alcohol up to morning every day.

This is manifested buy a research done which shows that in Kenya NAIROBI there are 12000 bars or places of indulging in alcohol while and old city like paris only have 4000.

These results also prove that black people do not love social life or each other since every one owns a bar... while whites or any other race uses bars or clubs as places of meetings and not immorality or hiding from your poorer neighbors.

Black peoples are so lazy that they hate themselves lazy that even their people think of only being given...

This is why black business do not get customers or black support abroad since they know if you enrich a black person they will not be there tomorrow to provide that service.

Its unfortunate that they even prefer closing that business and starting a different one in hidden locations hoping no one knows so that their people never cone to borrow from them or that they do not be seen as workers even after making money.

The white people designed FUNERALS weddings ,Christmas and many other holidays and left them for black peoples who took them up so dearly that,it is all they do because they love more fun after making money more than doing or offering the services ...

This is why no matter how much God loves black people it is hard to set them free since they will again be lazy...

Its only black people who have 20 failing companies and they do not directly do or even know what they do..a culture never with whites who would rather have one global company and the run and control everything through family...

It truth blacks love to start up companies and employ white or Indians to run them and them just earn a profit at home..and will never come to even find out the processes undertaken there.

That same behavior i have observed referring to laziness ...that it is only black men who are married by white wealthy women and i have never seen wealthy black women marry white young men... a true show of how black people love to stay lazy and easy way.

I remember someone actually telling me how his brother a tourist driver met an old white woman who loved him and she told him she would like to invest 2m dollars if he had a company or an idea and the guy could not even come up with the idea of starting a tourist company...the lady insisted that if he could find a company in Kenya she would be willing to buy it and they both become director and the idiot black man only wanted hard cash ..he continued to pressure the lady to give him the money and soon the lady was gone.....

Having been a technician in the houses of very varying in wealth and power Kenyans i was privileged to learn.....It is easy notice only black women have 5 house helps women one for cleaning her master for washing the clothes or laundry part of washing,then one for ironing,one for cooking and for the children.  Learn the irony there....

Black wealthy women just love traveling and eating cooked food will notice them in clubs gossiping or watching tv else shopping... the do not even spend time with their children or learning how their houses run.

Its only black men who do not even change a bulb in their house’s because they do not even have a stepping ladder.... and if they do they are just too lazy fetching it to do the job.

Black people are lazy in their genes...that is why there is heaven but there will never be going to heaven till black man loves and learns importance of putting shoulder to the wheel with will responsibility and consistency.

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