Psalms of a 'WOMAN' , how to live with a Woman.


Psalms of proverbs 

Always seek public opinion about schools 
Hospitals transport or business 

Before asking for financial assistance seek for all possible least expensive options..

Find people who have gone through the problem and ask for how the maneuvered 

If you know the right way and no one is listening to you make an effort of seeing through your ideas ,make an effort of trying ,else people will introduce their options the foolish or expensive way,if they dont like you they will use those to embarrass you.

Never stick to the only way you think, or the only way people tell you options that you have never tried.
Make calls to more experienced people than you and seek there knowledge about places people or solving problems.

Never let your wife make the first steps about doing things just because she has the money or power ,they will always use that against you.You will not like how they present their input to other people.

Never assume your wife is hardworking if its not you facilitating everything.

Never trust a womans judgement if you have not already failed 7x7. But you can listen to her argument and candid and sound advice.

Women love themselves,if they cough twice in a day, they will seek a private doctor or surgery. Learn to love you man.

Men die quick because the postpone problems trying to find the best or perfect and cheapest options... even for their heart ... because family comes first.change!

Women think they wont last a day without what they asked for, that is why men lie. Because if you say no, you make enemies,if you say yes,you live poor, if you never respond you are a fool, if you argue they remind you about all the other things you said no. Lie you will be loved,when the truth comes out. 

Never disclose future plans or financial stashes,she will demand and or tell how to spend Now on “her” idea of needed urgently.

If have no work make calls to everyone everyday asking for work.if she is around go out and come back later ,with a bread even if you begged for it. Women presume its hardwork with something at hand.

Be smart never take your wife to a clients house or place of work,even if she is a director too. You will be embarrassed later in a way.

If the doctor told her ,this is it... and  a teacher told your child its not good... they will come home disqualify everything right you thought you knew. Be the person who seeks opinion and right way first.

There is no humble woman,till you are broke,there is not hard-knock woman if you have money,your presumption about a lady is always right in some way if you have money,unless it is the one in a million.

How China planned a Pandemic.


How China planned a Pandemic

In 1980 while the world was calming after many wars and crisis,
The government of china called a meeting of the very top stakeholders in various industries and thinkers and scientists who had reputations in various investments and technology breakthrough.

Its aim was to find a new way of fighting war and making economic strides very first,but without firing a shot while the world superpowers went on not triggered.

At first Everyone declared in a call to vote that china would have to be making every single product that was designed or made for future tech or manufacture all the raw materials for all future base or final products consumables.
Many investments were made by sending students abroad and making passports and residency documents for wealthy foreigners to settle or invest in China and add to the manufacturing industry capacity.
Those were welcomed by open hands and no one noticed anything unusual... silently this led to many big cities having many Chinese citizens having occupancy or even small villages named after them.

20 years later ,China government called another AGM OF all main Stakeholders ,they inquired amongst each other how can they could make a product that would be popular than a mobile telephone ,in demand than the same time  have shortest life span, while it would be mandatory and they would have atleast 70% world Profits in any or either way of its sales or through giving ,theft or leakage of its whole or  sum of its part .

And one short scientific researcher old wearing a mask after testing an infectious Diseases said  A MASK and SOAP is will be the biggest hit in the current calm, but we need a disease .

COVID19 WAS BORN 20 years later.
In an year never disclosed There will be someone else who will learn In the same manner,Order people to do more damage Normal will end.

mc Bayo Back leading Non Addictive lifestyle

 Kenyans famous break out artist for revolutionary lyrics,Mc Bayo,released a post on facebook testifying of is win gainst drug addiction after kenyans came to his rescue and took him to rehab.

In the post he said thankyou to the kenyan massive support and public contributions for his welfare.

Now back to music.

Welcome Back Mc Bayo.

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Psalms of a 'WOMAN' , how to live with a Woman.

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