I have seen that again

I have seen that again
HAVE YOU EVER HAD the experience that something happening had happened again,or you had witnessed it again?

I have been seeing events that are troubling my senses,even though mostly it lasts less than seconds ,sometimes it feels like why do i need to repeat that again.

I cant help it... sometimes is a bad thing other times its good moments...its a varied theme every time.

I tend to wonder why that would be... sometimes i tend to think maybe i have lived that same life else where the same way but many days hours or years ahead,
Some other times i tend to feel like maybe i am suppose to have hope that i am here to fix my own or other mistakes thats why i see things that seem past or ahead.

Or else  someone like me has taken me ahead of life or backwards.
Greater than that maybe i have events that trigger me to see the future ...

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